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What's your go-to winter footwear?

Although the cold this year took a bit longer to settle in, we’re now in true winter weather. For many of us in the West Coast of the US, it’s mainly about staying warm and dry from the rain. The other day a friend was asking me to recommend him some good waterproof (or at least water-resistant) pair of shoes to buy, and i blanked out for a second.  Would love to hear from everyone here...what’s your shoe rotation during the colder/wetter months of the year? In my case, the only technical shoes that can withstand heavy rain like a champ are my Goretex-lined Nike ACGs. Other than that, my Thorogood Dodgevilles (that i proofed) and a pair of Danner Mountain Light II’s (a brand we’re going to be featuring soon).  Anyways, curious what are some of your go-to footwear during the season? 
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Wouldn't call it my go-to, just the only thing wet weather worthy that I have: La Sportiva Vibram GoreTex. Good support and keep my feet dry. Odd bit: not comfortable while seated, but very comfortable while walking.
Anything goretex
I've always used muck boots here in Montana, they are the warmest boots I own as well as flexible/comfortable/durable. Anybody that owns a pair can tell you that the best thing about them is that they keep your feet dry no matter what step/fall into.
A classic company! Yes, their stuff is good and to the point - would love to put something together with them if we can.
I'm in Colorado and live in my Merrell Phaserbound Boots for half the year. Best pair of boots I've ever owned!
bought some Lems Boulder boots a few weeks back and oh man are they insanely comfortable and roomy.
Love me some flip flops in SoCal!
oh the envy~!