Dec 20, 2018
Skagen Ancher SKW6163. Takes a beating, simple, readable, and affordable. If it dies, I might go Mondaine... First watch I wore after decades of using cell phone.
George Jones , Klentmari_21, and 10 others

In a stupid, but lucky service elevator door crushing incident, I smushed my wrist causing this watch to bite into my wrist and breaking one of the four screws that secures the band. I gambled on buying an assortment of replacement screws from Amazon. The 1.2x3 screws worked perfectly. And I have 499 more screws to find uses for- for only 7 bucks, while official replacement screws for Skagen were 4 for $9. Don't smash you wrist in a service elevator door, kids. Even if you are not a player, you just crush a lot. Not shown: picture of the underside of my watch with the replacement screw installed, because unlike my wound, those of you who are OCD will be grossed out by the non-matching black screw mixed in with the three original silver ones. You're welcome.


Glad you are ok!