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Best resources for beginners?

What are the best resources around for those just getting into knitting? Have you read any good books or discovered some great websites? Have you come across any particularly helpful videos or instructions? Do you have any other recommendations to share?

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I used the Stitch and Bitch book to teach myself. I found it had the most useful illustrations and descriptions.
I taught myself to knit! Started by searching Google..."how to knit". I found numerous videos, and went from there. One of my favorite sites is Great videos on everything yarn related. Ravelry is also a fantastic yarn community. Check out your local yarn shop...they are a great place for inspiration and help.
Best of luck....and have fun☺ has simple easy to follow instructions - I had tried other resources (books & websites), but it just didn't click until I found wiki. is my go to for project ideas and patterns.
Ooh how could i have forgotten to include Ravelry? It definitely will light a fire under your ambition to acquire new skills. The user communities are priceless fonts of help as well; I've even been able to connect directly with the pattern designers and ask them questions!
Teach Yourself Visually: Knitting and Sock Knitting are great resources, very similar to the Klutz line for kids- great photography and clear instructions. I also know many folks learned from Debbie Stoller's Stitch & Bitch series, but the patterns are a bit dated, even if they are good basic patterns. was my gateway drug -- a broad variety of patterns challenging enough to help me level up my technique very rapidly. helped get me over a lot of the bumps.
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