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Has anyone purchased a watch at

Does anyone here have any experience with Their prices are great, and I’ve read quite a few good things about them, but since they’re not an authorized dealer, you do not get the manufacturers warranty, you get a warranty provided by them. I was wondering if some of the watch experts on here could maybe share the experience they’ve had in dealing with this seller. From your own personal experience, are they legit? Can they be trusted to deliver a brand new watch? Thanks!
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I bought a couple watches from them, no problems. I'm not sure I'd be thrilled to have their in-house guy popping open the case to fix something though.
Although their low prices are tempting, they are a Grey Market dealer. That being stated, it is safe to buy an inexpensive watch from them, but I wouldn’t recommend buying a mid-range or luxury piece from them. I have had a personal negative experience with them, and there are mixed reviews on the watch forums and on YouTube. If you’re lucky your watch from them will not have any issues and you would have had a great buying experience, but one you have had to deal with their Customer Service, and very, very limited warranty structure, you will understand mine, and other buyers frustrations. Their CS reps are extremely rude and most of what a Manufacturers Warranty would cover is not with their very lame Sellers Warranty. I have also heard that most of their stock are pieces that were returns and refurbed with the serial numbers shaved. I didn’t find this to be the case with two Oris Aquis’ that I purchased at the same time. Although I had an issue with one of them, with the bracelet, (not covered), the SN’s were in tact, and although the box was different and not as advertised as on their site, the watches seemed legit. Still an unsettling feeling. Bottom line, buy all of the inexpensive watches that you want from them, but for better pieces, pay the extra from an AD and have peace of mind! Good Luck!
Not an expert but I certainly have and will continue to purchase from Jomashop. No complaints, no issues--so far.
Skagens in sale there now...
I bought a certina off them, had to wait a while but they kept me informed - I would buy from them again
Picked up a couple watches from them. The most common advice I've seen is, don't plan on using them for ANY service. Factor in the cost of a factory service, if the watch justifies it. (A Seiko 5 or basic Citizen auto...replace. Service would cost more than buying new.) They sell cheaper because they're not covering the overhead. They get their watches from authorized dealers who have excess stock. They're legit. There is a small chance you'll get one that's been returned, and those always have a higher risk of issues that lead you to do the same. Yes, that IS part of the price. But I've had no issues with my purchases from them. Oh, and on order the fine print. Make sure it says In Stock. If it's not, then they'll contact you for an alternative or to cancel the order. But if it says "usually ships in 3-4 weeks" have no guarantees about when they'll get one in.
Thanks a lot!
I bought my Skagen that I wrist checked (with latex glove and biowaste bin) a few weeks back from Joma. No complaints, but only about $100 usd transaction...
Since we're on the topic I've had great experiences with Creation Watches, although these days you have to look out for customs. FYI I believe Joma sometimes has different inventory available through their ebay storefront.
Bought several. Fast shipping and great prices.
I’ve purchased several from JomaShop... very nice experience
Yes, they have ntend to list watches they donypt have in stock,nthen scramble to fill your order. I’ve waited 3 months for an ordinary Hamilton Field Watch. But u can’t beat the price, except from Massdrop
I have dealt with them a few times and was always wondering how do they manage to sell so cheap and where do they source it from that doesn’t have original warranty. Anyway, upon careful inspection I almost always found little imperfections with the watches I got from them.
Jomashop has been around forever. Tough to be around forever and not be legit
I'm not much into watches anymore but I used to buy and flip quite a bit, including some fairly pricey pieces. I was a Global Moderator at WUS actually once upon a time. It never made sense to me to buy a watch assuming it would need warranty work. Buy at good gray sites at the best possible price and just don't sweat it. You'll be fine 99.9% of the time and save a chunk on the depreciation. The absolute best deals are used from the forums from sellers with excellent feedback.
Do you have a gray site that you would recommend?
Jomashop is fine. Just shop by price and avoid any site that wants you to wire money, for sure a scam. Check reviews. Don’t go to sites that claim to have every watch ever made but none in stock. Find sites that have real phone numbers and answer your email. Just do your research and you’ll be fine.
I bought a frederique constant vintage rally chronograph from them in 2015 and have had no issues so far. watch came with box and manual but only with 2 year jomashop warranty. One of my friends bought a hamilton intramatic from jomashop and his watch started losing time aggressively. As his watch was still under jomashop warranty, he had it sent back and jomashop serviced his watch without any issues.
Bought from them once... Watch arrived in very good condition. It was a cheaper seiko solar watch... Feel is the watch comes out cheaper than a service then all is fine. Cause all it takes it a service to repair right...
I think maybe Chrono24 might be a better deal prices are the same you can research and contact the dealer to bargain for price and you do get the warranty from the manufacturer if it’s a high end watch your talking about i don’t know if I’d want jomashop working on my expensive piece as opposed to the manufacture
I've purchased two watches from them without a problem. I might be cautious about making a high-end purchase there, but if a watch is only setting me back a couple hundred bucks and it's ok on arrival, the odds are probably slim that I'd need/use their warranty service within the first two years.
I've gotten a Seiko and a couple Casios from them and not had any issue. All came new, with tags and original packaging. I wouldn't shop for a luxury piece there, but that is just me. I've read plenty of terrible things about their "warranty" but all the watches I have picked up there have been fine. All about whatever your comfort level is. I mean - if you buy a $5k watch for $3,600 and have to pay $500 for a service you are still coming out ahead, right? Again - not for everyone, but worth thinking about for sure.
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Yup, that is my thinking. If I'm buying a $500 watch for $280 I've rolled the dice with them and not been disappointed.
If that’s the case go for it check it over well make sure everything works before you remove that black tag once you remove the tag a refund or replacement becomes a repair