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Gaming Mice

Is anyone interested in bigger brand names like logitech, razer and corsair?

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Roccat and Mionix already appear here, and those are great choices as well.
Zowie, if you see this thread. The people have spoken here. Let's do this.
Zowie mice are REALLY good
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the shape, the shape is the main reason people buy them. Even pro players who are sponsored by logitech razer etc still use zowie mice. And their new Divina line has a better sensor but they have a glossy coating so if your hands get really sweaty hands during gaming sesions you should buy some of their older mice or just whait until they drop their new mice but in the old coat, becouse im pretty sure these divina mice are just ltd
Zowie mice are light, great "click" pressure and response, great sensors. Most love their shape (The classic shape). They come in all sizes for different size hands. FPS gamers choice. I agree with Mokilolo - sometimes hands feel sweaty on them and a little "slippery".
I might be interested in Razer or Logitech, but not really Corsair.
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Really? Hm, that's surprising to me. Though I've had Logitech and Microsoft almost exclusively, but I usually end up having issues with them as well... but not after only 2-4 months.
I think other companies have more variety, I also like lightweight mice like 90 or below. I personally have a Steelseries Rival 310.
I would be interested if you could get Logitech to rerelease the G300s with an updated sensor and with two thumb buttons added. Massdrop Made? <hint hint>
Yea, great idea!
I see you.
Yes, I definitely would be interested! I don't need it specifically for gaming but I want that level of quality!
Yes, that would be nice!
Razer mice, if possible.
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Finalmouse is not a very stable business as they take forever to ship and have very shaky customer service. It is to expensive and very niche.
oh well.
Agreed - I'd like to see drops from (in this order): 1.) Steelseries (310/610) 2.) Logitech (many good options here) 3.) Razer as a throw in - make excellent mice but are $$$$ Zowie is a good choice too (BenQ now) for FPS gaming options. Corsair also makes really good mice.
I'd prefer never to see Razer products. Zowie would be amazing to see though, and Massdrop already works with Mionix, the two companies who make the best FPS oriented mice.
Yeah, that would be nice!