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Hi guys, your vote counts!

Hello, friends from Massdrop.
We are a online retail company selling Swiss Made watches.
We just posted a poll, please vote for the watch that you prefer!
Best Regards,

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Your Zeitmesser is a more aesthetically pleasing watch to me. Very few square case watches move me unless they are truly classic, timeless designs. The case size of the Zeitmesser is a bit big, but it's an attractive design.

Your a Korean company I presume, with manufacturing happening in Switzerland, yes?
Thanks for your feedback mate! How did you find Zeitmesser if I may know?
Yes, TRIGENCO is a Korean brand manufactured in Switzerland hence most of the marketing works are done in Korea. However, we attempt to enter the global market.
Can't tell but if the strap isn't removable I don't buy
Dear Sir,

Thanks for your feedback, the strap is removable and you may change to any colour your like!
Thank you.
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