Dec 25, 2018182 views

Sennheiser Game Zero vs Sennheiser GSP 600. Which one is better gaming (fps) wise?

Cant decide between the two. Key factor is sound and comfort for me. Used for portablr LAN events. Thanks for the much needed.

Can the answer be neither? The Beyerdynamic MX300 is probably the best "headset" I've used as far as imaging and separation go. If you don't want to spend that much stick with the HyperX Cloud Alpha, which is an improvement on the already fantastic HyperX Cloud.
I know you're new to Massdrop. But don't rely on the discussion forums for information. There are some very active members what will discuss and answer questions. But the questions you are asking are quiet specific and a person that has both headphones, is a part of Massdrop, and is will to answer is pretty slim.