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Ventus Mori

A Seiko NH35 Auto movement, Sapphire Crystal, 300m Water Resistance, and Brass Case.... $200 . Wow wow wow..... and sold out. Pretty nice on the surface
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What do I need to be joining to learn when these kinds of watches are released I never find out until it's too late. Boo hoo
Yes, I bought 2 of them. They are very nice :)
Got a report card? How long have you had them?
I think maybe a couple of months. Haven't worn (one of them) a lot. Keeping the other one unpacked as a present. Feels solid. Great size. Traveling today, but I can look into more detail, if you have specific questions. My wife says I have a bit of a watch problem, and I won't deny that. So, wrist time/circulation is fairly long in between :)
Wow that is a great looking watch and the quality looks to be great too would love to see a drop for it but might be a while as pre-orders are $250 range and labeled sold-out so seems they have taken max pre-orders to reasonably meet orders and productions schedule.
I was watching this on kickstarter for a long while. I regret not jumping in on 1.
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