Dec 28, 2018

How screwed am I?

Just bought my first fountain pen, an Italix Parson’s Essential (M, non-Italic). Am I on the right path???

You bought a fountain pen. You use it and see what you like and don't like about it. Try it with a couple of different inks and different papers. The various combinations of pen (and that nib), inks and papers will give different results. Poor quality paper can overwhelm the best nib and inks. Maybe you have lucked upon the perfect pen! If not, figure out what you like and don't like about what you have. Visit a good "quality pen" store, one that specializes in pens and see what is out there. Look on the internet for pen, ink and paper reviews. And decide where to go from here. Have fun!
There is only your path, and it is neither right nor wrong. You may make poor purchases, and what you learn from that translates into gain in the future. Choose your own path, don’t be led down one. Have fun! Oh, and if you decide to go deeper into fountain pens, then yes, you’re screwed, like the rest of us. In that case congratulations is in order.
Welcome to the world of fountain pens. Congrats on avoiding the usual intro pens. Italix is a must-have for any fountain pen enthusiast... for the custom grinds. As a regular medium, however, there are better options out there at the same price. But not much better. You got yourself a good pen and the Parson's is one of Italix's best.
I’m feeling less anxiety about my purchase now. Thanks for your input. =)
You should be ok. They are a pretty reliable pen and usually a good value. I think you will enjoy using it.