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Best $300 iem

What do you guys reckon is the best IEM up to $300, i'm tossing up on chifi via a dm6 vs ETYMOTIC ER4SR's. Open to other suggestions.

Ended getting dm6's, couldn't be happier.
I'll second the Massdrop Plus......I think the best bang for you buck IEM.
I would get the RHA T20. The build is next level, sound is stellar, and has a 3 year warranty, which the company is absolutely true to.
If you want neutral, and are ok with deep insert, Etymotic ER4SR without question.
@Coldplayer , I suggest you look into the Audio Techica E 70, it was my go to for 3 years till I decided to set up a rotation with other IEMs, the E 70 will go back in use soon. Always demo, trust your own ears, no one else's. Hope you have a great day !
One I've been very interested in for a while is the FLC 8S, which allows you to tune the sound via 36 different profiles from combination of subbass, bass, and mid/treble filters. I am not big into IEMs but do have the Etymotic ER3XR which I like for its isolation and balanced sound. The FLC 8S would be a great compliment to it for warmer more bassier sound, plus I like how tunable it is.
I don't own or listen to IEM's but I know that Massdrop made an IEM called the Massdrop Plus, currently out of stock, that has gotten good reviews. Read up on them, you might end up liking what you read / see