Dec 29, 2018

google pixel 128gb

i found a good deal on pixel first gen 128gb for $370 should i get it
EddyBrooks and gorian2222

you can fing a good condition pixel 2 for cheaper on amazon
i am not looking for a used one tho
i would not, 3 years old tech = slow + dying battery. There are pretty good deals for the pixel 3, i got it at 400$ during black friday. Keep a look out.
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The thing about Black Friday tech deals is that it's once a year. The prices hardly ever get that low again.
for 400$ yes but if i got it at 1k$, not so haha
i forgot to mention that its the xl model
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i dont use my phone often i dont even charge it for days i only listen music and take photos record vids ect
The pixel's camera quality is amazing. Even though the phone is a couple years old.