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Aurora morealis!

A while back when we partnered up with Massdrop on the Katana launch we wanted to do something a bit extra for those of the crowd that go that extra mile for their desktop setup.
And now that we've launched the Siege and Vanguard products we want to kick off our giveaway contest.
Now that we've got a bunch of Massdroppers out there with Aurora enabled gear we want to officially kick off the competition.
So, show us your gear! How have you integrated the Siege, Vanguard, or Katana into your kit.
All you have to do to enter is have purchased one of the products listed above on Massdrop and take a picture of your battlestation, rig, setup, box, station, etc and post it on this thread. (That product of course has to be in the shot as well!)
Then the community takes over and gets to votin'.
The more upvotes you get, the better chance you have to win.
The top 10 vote-getters get some more gear...just for participating and showing off your style (or maybe lack thereof?...you never know on the web nowadays).
Here's a list of the loot to be had:
1st Prize: Creative Labs Sound BlasterX Katana
2nd Prize: Creative Labs Sound BlasterX H7 Tournament Edition
3rd Prize: Creative Labs Sound BlasterX H5 Tournament Edition
4th – 10th Prize: Creative Alphapad Mouse Pad
So start cleaning those stations up and get to taking those shots!
Best of luck to all that participate!
The SoundBlasterX Team

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I don't know if this ended already, but Massdrop support failed to alert me (or my spam filter intercepted them)  of this thread as they promised. I hadn't checked the thread and assume I missed the contest, but I don't see anyone else who has posted either so I figure I'll upload my photos anyways. My camera is just on my smartphone so, yes, the image quality is bad. I have found that having different lighting profiles for Premiere Pro, Illustrator Fusion, and Photoshop where only shortcut keys are illuminated is very useful. In the future, it would be great if we could cycle through profiles with M5 and have our other Macros change with each profile. I accidentally uploaded more photos than I wanted to but now can't delete any of them. If you can't tell, these photos were taken with lights on and the backlight is still very bright. Some photos I had windows open with daylight, two lamps, and the overhead light in the room all shining, but the backlighting is still obvious.
First one is my PUBG profile
Great chances for some already lucky owners of the awesomest gear on this planet!!!
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