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Sony A6000 vs A6300 for Lowlight photography

I am just getting into photography and am looking to purchase a camera that is better than my point and shoot. I want to be able to take pictures at night and in low light. I am thinking about the A6300 but wonder if it would be better to start with the A6000 since I am inexperienced and it is a lower price tag.

I agree with what the others have mentioned, and want to add it also depends a little on what you want to shoot in low light.
If you want to shoot still objects then you can get by fine with the a6000.
If you're going to try and capture moving objects then you'll probs want to find a full frame with a nice open lens.
I have the nex 6 which is the predecessor to the a6000 and just tried taking a couple astro shots for the first time of the recent fire. Composition aside, they came out fine imo. The 2nd and 3rd pic have some blur in the stars but I figured out that was because I was leaving the shutter open long enough to capture the earth rotating some. The 1st pic had a higher iso and quicker shutter to reduce the visible movement.



For low light full frame is the way to go. Look for used full frame cameras in your budget. Else you could go with pretty much any aps-c as there isn't going to be much of a difference. Either way, wether you go with full frame or aps-c; you need to have a fast prime lens for low light. Atleast f1.8, and preferrably an F1.4 lens mostly 50mm if shooting portraits, or if for an aps-c camera then I would rather suggest a 35mm.
If you are starting out, you may want to look at the NEX6, you can get one for less than both those cameras, then get a decent prime lens. I think the NEX6 is a better camera than the a6000, the a6300 is a big step up, but it will cost you. If you're just starting out and you're looking to save $$$$$, the A7S is not the way to go right now. These are great cameras and once you get one, you will be hooked. I have the NEX6 and A7S ii. I was going to replace the NEX6 with the 6300, that was until the a6500 came out, never considered the a6000....Good luck with what you decide to do.
Why do you think the NEX6 is better than the a6000?
I'm asking as a photography noob eying both cameras
A6000 will be enough. but it is not really supersensitive. A7S is what you will need.