Jan 2, 2019

DAC for tablet

Looking for a dac to use with a tablet then to musical paradise mp 301 tube amp. Tablet is Samsung tab S2, I use the headphone jack on the tube amp so not interested in it having a amp in it. Also want line in to run tablet to it with rca. Any suggestions? Also needs to be small footprint as my headphone setup is on my night stand so room is limited. Am I looking for unobtainable dac?

I have a Chromecast audio. Thanks I will try that.
Have you considered adding a Chromecast Audio to your system? Cheap! Cast your source from your tablet to the Chromecast dongle, NO wires! The signal stays in the digital realm via toslink to any DAC you choose that accepts toslink. Sound quality can be further enhanced by inserting an IFi purifier between Chromecast Audio dongle and your DAC. I use an iPad Mini, Chromecast Audio, Schiit Modi Multibit, Schiit Jotunheim and very happy with results aurally as well as ergonomically.
I have Samsung S2 tablet... use Audiquest Dragonfly Red (DFR) in line out mode with external Gustard H10 amp for mine with USB Audio Player Pro. Can also run direct from the DFR if you wish:

I will say that Earstudio ES100 may be the best option though.
Check out the Earstudio ES100. It's a Bluetooth DAC/Amp with an excellent Android app that allows you to control the device. I use mine as a DAC/Pre-Amp for my DarkVoice tube amp and it works great. LDAC or Aptx from my Android devices and AAC from my iOS devices.
I mean, is the Grace SDAC not an option for some reason? But you would need a powered hub in between.
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The Grace SDAC and JDS OL DAC are going to be the best compact options for something without an amp. Most marketed at the portable market include some level of amplification so they can drive things the average cellphone can't.
Thank you they both look perfect now if the grace would drop. 😎