Jan 3, 2019

Before you buy

Yes, before you sign up to a group buy check the shipping method. I am a very dissatisfied Massdrop customer. In Nov I joined a short group buy for the Blackvue DR900S-2CH. Great product. But when its time to ship, Massdrop shipping is terrible. I am proof. How bad is it, you ask? (Please ask me.) Before the dash cam shipped, I asked to let me pay extra and send it normal - you know 3-5 business days. Nope, not available. Can't violate our shipping method. Massdrop's shipping method could not be worse. Here's the details. Sunday 12/09/18, 9:04am Arrived FedEx location FEDEX SMARTPOST BREINIGSVILLE, PA. (Warning Will Robinson, when you see SMARTPOST - Run.) Monday 12/10/18 3:14am Departed FedEx location FEDEX SMARTPOST BREINIGSVILLE, PA. 4:09am Shipment information sent to FedEx 9:47am In transit to CHINO, CA Tuesday 12/11/18 9:44am In transit, OKEMAH, OK 9:47pm In transit, CHINO, CA Thursday 12/13/18 5:52pm Arrived FedEx location FEDEX SMARTPOST CHINCO, CA. Friday 12/14/18 5:18pm Departed FedEx location FEDEX SMARTPOST CHINCO, CA. 8:26pm Shipment information sent to US Postal Service - this is where it goes into the BlackHole. It literally disappears. Not able to get an update, not updates/status, no way to know where. Next report available tells me to expect delivery 1/1/19 New Year's Day? First, I didn't believe that anyway, but I watched for it. I bet you didn't believe it either. So as of right now, 19 days after it disappeared when FedEx passes it to USPS, its still not delivered. FedEx says ask USPS. There's no status available from USPS. So three and a half weeks after Massdrop shipped it, still "in route". I complained to Massdrop before and during shipment. "Sorry, but we can't do anything. We can't use a different carrier. We have a contract with our carrier. This is it, we have no control over how they move packages. I'm in Hawaii. But its not another planet. Its not even a different country. There's no reasonable explanation for a 1 pound package (not made of gold or Kryptonite) to take a month to cross the country and be delivered. I've already sworn off Massdrop. I will never make another purchase because the shipping is so miserable its ridiculous. AND they have know this for a long time. This is NOT my first Massdrop purchase. BUT it is my last. They've known for years this is their carrier's shipping method and they did nothing to change it to be responsive. You have been provided a truthful heads-up. Decide for yourself if you wish to have this happen to you.
jwitt23 and gorian2222

Update: 1/5/19. Item arrived today. Most recent communication from Massdrop Support from me went unanswered until this morning. Glad to have item. Not a all happy with Massdrop action.