Jan 4, 2019

Fleece Jacket

Hi everyone, I am planning to buy a fleece jacket for outdoor activities. There are quite a saturation of brands out there, and I want to know which brand is the best. I want a fleece jacket that is top-notched, high quality material. Thanks!

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Hi Mike, I would suggest starting with Arc’teryx - either their regular line or possibly their LEAF offerings in a black or grey (the LEAF line is often on sale). Unfortunately they no longer make their best ever offerings in my opinion - Hyllus/Hercules and Firee. A lot of their fleece options have a fleece inner bonded with wind- stopping, possibly weather proof outer face fabric. From what I’ve seen, they’re the best at this type of construction. *****They’re not cheap and beware of knock-offs on eBay****** Cheers