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Seiko Prospex Solar "Tuna" SNE498 Welp - another diver. I had been on the hunt for something solar, and always been curious about the Tuna models. I had the opportunity to see this at an AD running a post holiday sale and loved the look of it. Subtle differences to my other Seikos in the handset, the date window being at 4, gold accents and obviously the size and the full Tuna shroud. The strangest thing, for me at least, is wearing a Seiko that ticks and watching the second hand jump. For a 47mm wide watch it wears much smaller, partially to the lug to lug equaling the same and also due to the fact it is only 12.4 mm thick. This completes my little solar collection - have representatives from Citizen, Casio and now Seiko.
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That's one mean tuna
Congrats! And I personally love the tuna, but was too big for my small wrist but this solar tuna series fit and checked all my boxes, so to speak. I love my Solar Tuna SNE499. :) Especially with the yobokies shroud!
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Then we both got "sold" short!!!
hahaha...no doubt!
Digg'n the whole black and gold thing; nicely accented strap as well. Good choice all around!
I always thought that they were too big for me so I never considered buying them. After you mentioned that they actually wear smaller than a turtle, now that really caught my attention. Next time I’m in the store I will definitely try one on. Congrats!
This watch might get me! Tuna
Looks great! No kidding, I was just considering this model this week! I never thought the tuna was for me, but something just clicked recently and I found myself looking at them quite a bit the last few months. I guess in Seiko, the tuna catches you, or something like that.
I was in a similar position, and reluctant to make a purchase without seeing one in person first. I know we are both Seiko guys, and we have a lot of the same watches in our collections. To me it wears maybe even a little smaller than a Turtle. Lug to lug is about the same and this is close to a mm thinner, which sort of negates the added diameter in the way it wears. I also tend to wear my turtles on NATO straps, though, adding to the thickness. Turns out the lume is as expected, too, and this may rival my Darth Turtle for legibility.

What a beast! Love it!!