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A department in Europe?

I've noticed that there are many people from Europe which would love to join more drops but are confronted with huge shipping costs and taxes making most products more expensive than they'd be on retail.
Also, I've seen that some products actually come from Sweden, Germany etc. in the first place.
Is there any chance that European vendors could ship directly to European customers or that we'll se a department for other countries in the future?
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I fully agree. I bought the Sennheiser HD 6XX, and ended up paying almost more than retail for the HD650 because of customs fees and import tax. Of course, I'm to blame for not thinking about the problem with importing from the US - but the lesson learned is not to use Massdrop again, which is a shame!
Just received a 39 dollar order, which for I had to pay 25 dollar extra taxes. The package was sent to me from Germany though?
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There’s a german address but under the sticker is another sticker which I can’t read. Removing the top one doesn’t seem possible Without damaging the one under it.. I think the amount stated in dollars may have given it away.
are you able to post a picture of the german adress?
Yep. The problem with buying from Europe is the extra admin handling fees added to orders by tax authorities. Been stung too many times to bother with any mid range purchase.
+1 would finally decide to order stuff from MD
It seems to be in the works, check the last answer of this FAQ: https://geekhack.org/index.php?topic=96513.0
Almost bought EU-made headphones all ready and willing to pay VAT and customs fees, then realized that because the headphones ship from US I'd have to pay 25 % extra after everything. No thanks. EU warehouses please.
I have never bought anything here and I probably never will because of customs. A massdrop.eu would be really great.
I'd actually order something instead of just browsing here and drooling.
At the very least they could just send the stuff trough some European company like lots of Asian sites and companies do. That would not even require any effort, just a deal with some company or the shipping company.
Why would they bother? It costs them more; we're the ones who have to take the customs charges, not them.
I agree, Massdrop is way to "amaricanized". How hard can it be to go on a conference trip to Europe, and team up with some people that have a warehouse and make a massdrop.eu, with EU specific deals, EU driven team, still under same organization. EU is a huge huge retail market you are missing out on. Buying from US -> EU makes no sense due to import taxes. And your 'president' Trump is not making it easier
We'll see who's crying at the end of it.
Total agreed ! love the site but except for once the offer was tainted by the thought of adding shipment and taxes
+1 would order a lot more
Make it happen pls!! I would have bought so much stuff from here if so...
Bought a HD6XX made in Ireland and it goes to USA first to after come back to europe at the cost of 33% or more in taxes ... I see your request made in 2016...we're in 2018 and they still don't have warehouse in europe... You're losing clients like this massdrop, I hope you give as good news soon, you know this is bad
Same here, HD6xx, traveled to the USA - tax and shipping, all the extra cost just to come back to Ireland again.. :(
1,5 months is kinda standard.. so weak. 80% of that timeframe its just stuck somewhere in Germany, waiting to be shipped to Sweden.
that will be great!
Great idea. I don't buy as much as I would because MD only ship from outside EU and use DHL which offers a 100% probability of getting rekt by customs fees increasing the overall price by loads.
+1 !
does anybody know how return and repair/warranty policies work if I was to order smth from Germany or the EU in general?
Make it happen Massdrop!!! Even if the shipping costs aren't always THAT much to add on the final costs, having to deal with customs is a p.i.t.a. (the only drop I've been on, I had to wait almost 2 months for the goods, and had to go around calling postal services to know what happened to my stuff, they were retained by customs with no notification to me)...
anything new on this subject? massdrop for EU!
I'm from Germany and i can't even type my Adress in corrrectly because just Germany has the Letter ö. I could try with oe instead by this is not safe enough for me. I want to purchase the Spyderco Delica 4 and i don't want to risk 70$. Also this would be my first purchse over Massdrop and i want it to work cause getting Stuff cheaper is AWESOME! So please guys, open a Department in Europe.
Edit: I received the Knife like 2 months ago and forgot to write this. All went perfectly, i had to collect it from customs, because i had to pay taxes and fees on it. But after all it was a lot cheaper to buy it here than to buy it in germany. But customs and shipping time is still really annoying, so pls open a department in Europe.
'oe' usually works and if the package fails to deliver anyways you'll get your money back. You'll have to pay a bit extra though (~7$ if I recall correctly) because you're over the 60$ mark. *Just noticed it's a knife, you might want to research if it's allowed to import this particular one beforehand and be prepared to collect it from your local toll station.
Try EurKEY for your oe/ö problem! It's awesome for European people with US layout keyboards and you get used to it in like 1 hour. I'm from Switzerland btw. This is the link: http://eurkey.steffen.bruentjen.eu/start.html
True. I would buy so much stuff here, but shipping cost is prohibitive.
For someone who lives in the EU, I would like to see that happening.
Agree - many Kickstarter campaigns originating from the US have "EU safe" shipping, meaning distribution is managed within the EU for those customers. It's one of the biggest barriers for me using Massdrop.
Massdrop should add EU safe shipping real fast to their offering - and companies using Massdrop should should support EU distribution in their Massdrop campaigns.
Well it's more of a frustration thing to me: whenever a drop won't incur any fees to US residents, it is labelled on the drop specs as if the entire world cared (hint: we don't). Have an EU-based department that would get free shipping to EU residents, that would at least make things consistent.