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Ladies's wrist watches on Massdrop?

The search feature is not helping me, returning nonsense. I'm a relatively recent member, and I'm wondering if there are ever ladies' watches offerred here?

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An interesting find, a 36-mm ladies chronograph. Amazon link, but other colors shown on the maker's website.

Could always look into the Ladies Seiko 5 line as well. My wife has a SYMC21 that she fancies quite a bit. It's a 24mm auto day/date with mineral crystal. She's had it for almost 5 years, solid little watch, it's been hiking, snorkeling, and shallow water dives, hasn't missed a beat. She doesn't wear watches or bracelets daily exactly, but when she goes for a watch it seems to usually be the 5 (And she has an eclectic little collection)
Next to my SNZG

I hope we see something on MD for the ladies though
My wife has a couple of Seiko bracelets like that, as well as a Citizen, which I have given her over the years. The oldest is over 25 years old and was destroyed last year by a careless battery replacement guy (he bent the microscopic stem and caused other damage, the thing was literally running counter-clockwise). The watch repair shop ended up giving it a movement transplant from a donor watch of the same model that I had found on an auction site for $15 (original watch was about $500, so much for quartz Seikos as an investment). I didn't tell her that it is basically a completely different watch, case/bracelet/crystal aside, due to sentimental reasons.
She wears a variety of clunky watches in casual situations, such as Swatches and various Baby-G's I've given her.
She likes solar/radio watches these days, so I was thinking of giving her the exact opposite, a mechanical skeleton/display watch just to see how she reacts.
This appears to be the full Seiko Japan line (9 watches) of automatic display back, skeleton window, saphire crystal, hacking seconds ladies wrist watches:


On the U.S. side, there are four cute mini-chronographs for women:


There are many other ladies watches, of course, but these two categories combine geeky with female, which might be the best "intersectionality" for Massdrop.
I was just about to say, I'd like to see some ladies watches​, among other types of ladies drops. But most watches for women run smaller in case size and wrist size. I prefer at least a 38mm case or bigger. It is a pain having a larger wrist (thanks genes) but I have better options in men's or unisex watches anyway 👍
I'd like to see a ladies automatic (or manual) with display back. For instance, here's a 55-gram 35-mm automatic from Seiko that has a display back, a small skeleton window on the face, and a sapphire crystal:
24 jewels (or 36, if you count the "Swarovski crystals"). :-)
There are probably other such watches lurking in the Seiko Lukia line ("for shining women who live smart, positively, and in their own way"), since it's unlikely that they would make a movement and only use it in one case design.
The SSVM012 is about $275.00 on Amazon.co.jp, although it doesn't appear to be officially sold in the U.S. (a parallel importer sells it for $600 on Amazon).
Another one, the SSVM032, maybe too "ladies": it looks like the same automatic movement as the watch above, but the design is very pink, with pink cherry blossoms painted on the display back glass:
I kind of like the wacky font for the numbers. $295 on Amazon.co.jp.
Both of these have hacking second hands. The movement seems decent.
Hi there! We've definitely been thinking about ladies' watches on Massdrop for some time, and are open to the idea. It has been on my personal radar and I feel that it is a great opportunity now that the Watches community has split off from Men's Style. However, if we are going to jump into this market, we want to make sure that we are doing it right and not just calling 32 mm or pink watches women's watches for the sake of offering them.
As it currently stands, we have not seen offers that would stand up to the standards of the community. That being said, we are working on hopefully bringing women's watches to the community sooner rather than later.
I haven't seen any either, but I would like to see some more diversity in the drops. I was super excited by Breitling's first ladies watch and there are some mechanical options now that are more proportional for a smaller wrist. There is a small fashion trend towards women just wearing watches marketed for men (as in large AND thick case). When I see a large watch on other women, usually the case is thin and the design is more minimal. Like the popular Shinola and DW designs. Those designs are unisex to me, so it's just size preference. I know a lot of guys who have smaller wrists and don't want huge cases either. On the other hand, it's hard for me to buy a watch online because weight matters. I don't think that's usually a concern for guys..?
I don't think weight is so much a consideration truthfully for men as much. My personal preference is just a sweet spot frankly. Most titanium or ceramic are way to light for me, but something like a Rolex Deepsea is to much at 212 grams. I think around 150g is my max for comfort, but they just need to feel "right"
I can't say that I've seen any drops for Ladies watches per se'. If we are discussing say 36mm and under, no I have not. They have had drops on a few that would be unisex, though they almost always are 40mm cases or more. It seems over the course of the recent past, Women have been gravitating to larger time pieces, so maybe this considered....?
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