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What are the top 5 best headphones for gaming.

I'm looking into buying some new headphones right now I own dt 770pro and 990. I mainly do gaming and watch movies. I was looking into buying a wa7 qireless dac/amp. Maybe overkill but it's so stunningly beautiful. But if you guys have other suggestions of headphones and maybe dac/amp I love to hear it. I want to be immersed into my games like I'm in.

I've heard the HD 800/800s are regarded as the best gaming headphones ever. I have to agree the soundstage and imaging are amazing on them. I heard the HD 820. I think compared the HD 800s it's soundstage is a decent bit smaller, imaging is still decent and it has just a tad more bass on the 820. I can't really say they anywhere near as good as the HD 800s in terms of gaming though. Decent closed headphone though. DT 990 is pretty good in it's own aspect HD 598 AKG 702/k712/K7xx are also good. I haven't heard many others that are good though.
HD 800S are the best, hands down. HD 820 close 2nd (but closed back and better for a wider range of music than just audiophile stuff) (never tried HD 800) HD 700 are almost as good as HD 800 series but more comfortable, these headphones are the sweet spot for high quality and not extremely expensive. GSP 600 is a good budget choice when used with the GSX1000 DT1990Pro i’ll Give an honorable mention HiFiman 4XX is decent at a low cost. Notice: I don’t have the HD 6XX on this list.
Of the ones I use/have owned I love the Sennheiser HD800S for competitive multiplayer gaming due to the insane soundstage and excellent imaging but I've found that the soundstage is almost too wide for immersive stuff like The Witcher 3 and Hellblade Senua's Sacrifice. Its almost like I can hear exactly where the audio doesn't reach the full potential of the soundstage. For immersive gaming I loved the Sennheiser 598s and the Hifiman HE-400s and I demoed the He-4xx and was very impressed as well. I've since sold my 400s's but I'm strongly considering getting the 4xx's due to the bassier nature and more intimate while still good soundstage.
Can confirm that the hd 579 is also pretty awesome for immersive games
From my experience I would say the following. Best : Audeze Mobius STAX L700/L300 Limited Sennheiser HD700 Excellent: Modhouse Argon Mk3 Monoprice M1060 Philips X2 Philips SHP9500 Good: Focal Elear Sennheiser HD58X Koss Porta Pro w Yaxi pads Bad/horrible, not for gaming: Campfire Audio Cascade
I heard a lot of good things about the argon mk3. Seems good for gaming headphones, fun sound signature, wide sound signature. And less than 400$
Focal Elex. Gobs of resolution, highly dynamic, great imaging and placement of sounds, and a realistic soundstage that isn't bloated. I've also used the HE4XX extensively but always go back to the Elex.
Has this changed? I know at one point we had been discussing the Elegia as a gaming headphone being very nice. So I am wondering if you decided that there wasn't enough difference to warrant having both the Elex and Elegia around, or if you just find yourself naturally reaching for the Elex more of the time?
Oh, I still have both. I use the Elegia quite a bit actually just in a different environment. I can only listen to open headphones like the Elex at home so they tend to get a lot of use as I can travel or take my closed backs to work. I still enjoy the Elegia for gaming and they're pretty on par with the Elex in most regards. The Elex just come out a hair more superior to the Elegia in this instance due to them being open. Not a massive difference but one I thoroughly enjoy nonetheless.
Depends on the type of game, as always. Do a search and look at one of the other 50 posts asking this question.
I currently use the Focal Elegia ($900) for gaming, on a SoundBlaster G5 ($100) external sound card (I would use it on a schiit stack, but sadly my current cable is too short for the headphones to be comfortably plugged in to my AMP, so I have to use something closer to the seat). It is very good in my opinion. A Magni/Modi is a great intro Schiit stack (the combo runs ~$550, assuming you go multibit). My plan is eventually to see if I can't get my hands on a Hifiman Jade 2 system and see how I like that for some gaming, but at the moment I haven't had a chance. I expect they will be amazing at music, based off of the limited experience I had with them at the RMAF 2018 CanJam. The Jade 2 and the Elegia both made my "want to buy" list afterwards.
I have the DT880 600ohm, HD600, and the monoprice 1060. Alot of 6's I did't notice until now. Running on schiit 2 stack. I find myself using the 1060's like 80% of the time for music, movies, and especially gaming. The 880's bass is a tiny bit more powerful, but the range of the 1060's is incredible. Im totally sold on planar. Basically thats my advice I guess lol. Ive only heard one planar headphone before, but I highly recommend.