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Titanium EDC Self Defense Sticks Are More Relevant Today Than Ever!

"...The world is not what it once was, and so there is a real need to have something with you daily that can be easily and discreetly carried,.....and that can greatly increase your defensive response should the need arise.  Even if a you regularly carry a firearm or knife, there are times when that will not be possible in any number of restricted areas.   
Also, in some instances choosing to deploy a "non lethal" device could keep you out of the legal system for a perceived "inappropriate" escalation of force, were a firearm or knife used instead.  In today's litigious society,....this is not an unreasonable concern...."
It is to that end I have been designing and manufacturing a vast variety of Aerospace Grade 5 Titanium Self Defense sticks for almost 2 years now, and have sold into 20 Countries to date. A US Utility Patent was filed covering several of them.
Made in tough 6Al-4V Titanium Alloy, my low profile Kubotan sized Yawara Sticks feature a simple but innovative Fist-Lock™ Grip. This Grip "Mechanically Locks" the stick Laterally in the hand, nestling inside that small pocket where the fingers meet the hand within a cupped fist. (cup your fingers and you'll SEE the "pocket" created)
I offer a "ONE YEAR Money Back Guarantee If Not Delighted!", and over many hundreds of sales to date, NOT ONE Customer has ever exercised the Guarantee! Find out what you've been missing!
I'm looking for your votes so that I can get YOUR hands around one or more, and at a Massdrop discount that makes a great product an even better deal. ( i.e. "....to make you a deal you can't refuse" :-)
Since I AM the sole manufacturer of my products, ...each and every one of them is hand made by ME, and are only available on my own website, Ebay, and Amazon. You will receive a real world discount based on number of commitments.
However, I have ALWAYS priced my work to be affordable considering the costly material and labor involved, since they can save lives down the road. They never had a price mark up reflecting anywhere near the traditional wholesale & dealer markups usually factored in. However, in the interest of promoting my work, and the way I like to spend my small advertising budget, ...I think 20% for a minimum of 10 pieces on up to 30% discounts can be done. (25% discount for 11-20 pieces, and 30% discount for 21 pieces on up to a hundred+ pieces is possible)
For those of you unfamiliar with my work. here is a general review of some of it from: "The Martialist" For Those Who Fight Unfairly: http://themartialist.net/ti-rod-tactical-titanium-pocket-sticks-review/
If you folks get this far, you might also take a few moments to read the ALL 5 Star Amazon reviews at the bottom of the following links:
Stay Safe! Joe T
Ti Rod Tactical™ (Proudly Made in America!)

Id rather just have my gun
Yep,..a gun trumps knife and Yawara stick if limited to just ONE item,...HOWEVER,...
As a longtime Police Officer working a tough beat in St Louis MO commented on in my Amazon Feedback,...well,...he explains it better than I could why they might be a better choice to have available at the same time :-)
https://www.amazon.com/Ti-Rod-Tactical-Titanium-Fist-Lock/dp/B01E89DZ8W/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1514162539&sr=8-4&keywords=%22Ti+Rod+Tactical%22 Customer reviews 5.0 out of 5 stars55.0 out of 5 stars5 star100%4 star4 star (0%)0%3 star3 star (0%)0%2 star2 star (0%)0%1 star1 star (0%)0%Share your thoughts with other customersWrite a customer reviewSee all 5 customer reviews Top customer reviews william5.0 out of 5 starsMade in the USA Built to Last a Lifetime! !!!May 17, 2016 Verified Purchase. In the 15 years I have worked in one aspect or another in law enforcement, I have bought many impact weapons, from tactical pens to mini mag lights, this is one of the most solid and beautifully hand crafted sticks I have owned. A secondary weapon is essential to carry even if you carry a firearm, because in a close quarters situation, you may need a weapon to ward off your attacker to give you precious seconds to either escape or deploy your firearm. I carry this stick openly in my hand at times and it does not draw any attention, I will carry it when jogging, try doing the same with a knife, that may draw a crowd lol. This stick I have owned for about six months, still looks like it did the first day I received it, very solid and built to last a lifetime. I love the fact, it is made in the USA the quality is impeccable. I would really recommend this stick to anyone that is interested, buy one your life may depend on it. Thanks and stay safe.
Incorporate a shock mounted, high output LED flashlight in the body with a momentary on ONLY switch on one end and now you have a useful flashlight instead of all of the cheap crap from you-know-where that is flooding the US market!
Thanks for your help. To possibly save you some time, the short hand rehab spinner stick and tiny key ring "handle" stick, as well as 5" Palm cap stick have useful and legitimate other uses as I point out in the descriptions, so they should be OK to ship most places. However, the 6-1/8" x .50" Diameter Titanium Yawara Stick would surely be restricted in certain Countries. * To save you some time,...the Countries that I know about specifically restricting most any Self Defense Sticks are Great Britain, New Zealand, and Australia. With all the issues today with the mass intake of refugees, I guess those in charge still want their citizens to be totally defenseless! It's sad most of the Police in Great Britain are still unarmed! In the recent 2 attacks on and near London Bridge, it took EIGHT minutes to get some armed Police into position to stop the carnage. * One hero British cop fought off the THREE knife wielding attackers with just a baton, before getting knifed in the face and elsewhere. Last I heard he was going to survive, but EVERY cop should be armed and trained to use it. (most British Police don't even have firearms training) * Regarding my 6-1/8" x .50" Titanium (Kubotan sized) Yawara Stick, I've heard that Yawara Sticks made of wood or polymer ARE legal in California generally, BUT if made of METAL they are not. They consider "metal" ones as a "Fist Load" and treat them like metal "Knuckles". * This makes NO rational sense because MY Titatanium sticks are much lighter that many of the larger Yawara Sticks out there, especially the monstrous sized Cold Steel SD1 Koga Polymer Yawara Stick, which WEIGHS about 3X some of my Titanium ones, and double my heaviest ones! http://www.coldsteel.com/koga-sd1.html * It seems to me the criteria for considering what might constitute a "Fist Load" should be based on WEIGHT, and not the material it's made from! But when those in legislating power don't use common sense..... ridiculous laws like this come to be. * I'm not sure about Kubotan's in California, since they most always are made in Aluminum or Titanium sometimes. My Yawara Sticks ARE the size of most Kubotans, but with a much better grip and without a hole drilled in for a key ring attachment. * I haven't come across anywhere else in the USA with that same issue about metal Yawara Sticks....
Thanks for starting the poll, I have to look into the policies for carrying (items like) this on Massdrop and where we could(n't) ship them, but we'll keep an eye on the poll and go from there.