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Breitling Chronoliner B04 LE

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how much this one
I’ve not actually searched for one, so I cannot attest to availability or markup, with it being a limited edition. The MSRP however is around $9200usd
I like the TransOcean Chrono 1915 (Wish it was smaller by 2mm tho) and the Super Ocean II 42mm... and the Heritage SO (Of course)
I really like the Chronoliner as well. Just wish it was a tad smaller.
I've got to say, some of Breitling's new releases are really hitting the mark for me. I really love the new direction they're moving in, what with the Heritage Superocean and now this piece.
Of course, I wouldn't want them to move away from their base audience entirely, but I think these pieces show that Breitling can easily put out more democratic pieces alongside some of their louder watches.
I really REALLY like the more restrained aesthetic they are showing recently! Most Breitlings are just to loud, big, or busy for my tastes, but this one here.... Woo Wee
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