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Why is shipping so slow on in stock items?

What is the fedex smartpost so slow. Its ridiculous its 2019 and literally the slowest thing I've ever seen. I ordered something from the Japan at the same time and it got here faster than your package. It felt like it was delivered by horse carriage. I thought the horse had died and they had to raise one from birth and then continue on with the mission of delivery. Please for your shipping methods cause they really are terrible makes me rethink ordering from you guys again. You have great products but garbage shipping.
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I have the same experience in the Netherlands. The package arrived in Germany and was promptly sent to the Netherlands where it was handed off to the local carrier. I was just on the phone with the local carrier. They told me it's been at the airport for the last week, and that it will be "in the system" soon. So, when the DHL tracking number says it's at local distribution it most likely means that they don't have it anymore. That's why there are no updates.
If you look at the DHL tracking site on your phone, swipe down to the bottom and there may be a "Delivery by Postal Provider" option with a new tracking code. Mine doesn't work yet, because the package is still at the airport, but the point is that it's probably out of DHL's hands right now.
All you can do is wait...
Same here. It has been at the "local distribution center" in Singapore since Jan 7th. No updates since. Once it has been handed over to my local postal service (Singpost), I'll have to contend with Singpost's abysmally slow local shipping. GROAN. This might very well be my last high-end purchase on Massdrop. OK I'll admit I am being a tad impatient but I have a vast number of shipping services that are much faster than this. PS: Have to say, I AM NOT a fan of DHL anymore. Slow shipping, Buggy tracking updates. Very disappointing.
Yeah, just opened a complaint about the same issue. DHL handed it off to a local shipping provider on the 19th of December, no update since. The local shipping provider just confirmed to me on email that they cannot locate the package and that it is assumed lost. Not the best impression for my first purchase.
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Customer rep just told me that they would send a replacement and work out the missing shipment with the carrier, so there's still hope! Good luck to you my man!
That's awesome I hope you get your stuff man.
pfffft. Try dealing with DHL!. 3 of the 4 last shipments for me have just dissappeard before ever being moved by DHL. Massdrop says shipped DHL says 'we never got it - contact vendor'. several weeks of no status update on DHL and then massdrop sends replacement and same thing again. and DHL customer service is so bad - I think its some monkey that says contact the vendor when they pull the string. If not corrected i will not be buying anything more.
That sucks man really I'm sorry to hear that.
That's what I'm saying just sad they make great products but ship it to you slower than pond water.
A FedEx box truck is not a NismoZ. That is why it is so slow
FedEx Smart post takes the least expensive trip possible to your address, least expensive can also be taken as "slowest possible".