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A “Drivers” watch with a rotating case?! Yep!

Atelier De Rijke is a very small brand based in the Netherlands, with this, the Amalfi Series One being the first offering. The timepiece houses a base Soprod M100 in a 38mm case that can be rotated 90 degrees, as to be quickly legible from an angle. Sandwiched with a sapphire crystal front and back, with a lot of by hand work, it’s a nice looking watch in its own right. Limited to 99 pieces with a price of €2495. http://derijkeandco.com/amalfiseries/


hgoor, Lukeen, and 11 others

You can't use any other strap on it, at least in the leather or silicone realm. You can use NATOs or ZULUs, but that's all, short of commissioning custom leather straps.
It does look nice, however they've lost me by saying: "it could even be worn on your leg" (sic!). Too much marihuana??? Call me old fashioned, but I'm gonna pass.
Yeah, I saw that and said “ok......” I’m still not keen on the “Schwartzkopf” style, let alone on the leg!
Never mind the Need 4 Speed gimmick, this is a good looking watch. Limited run of 99... man they are scaling new heights in FOMO these days, aren't they.
The rotation is really cool, and a very nice looking watch!