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I have finally changed the original blue leather strap on my Glycine Airman Base 22. It did not match the overall quality of the watch. I also didn't like it's light blue color. Now with brown strap with blue stiching it'll get much more wrist time. Happy Saturday!
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Where’d you get that strap? I have a blue double twelve and want to replace my blue strap for something brown or just less blue!
Apologies for a late reply I was on a business travel the whole week with limited access to email. Anyway coming back to your question: I've purchased the strap from a polish website pattini.pl. I visited them just now and see that the english translation is still in preparation. They manufacture these straps in Poland as per your order (you can modify the color of the leather and stitching, buckle, length etc). Price is from $22-35 excluding shipment. If you would need some help in translation I am glad to help. Cheers
Awesome thanks, looks like Google Chrome translates their site well enough :) Seem to be great straps / options for the price!!!
Much nicer than most of the pics I’ve seen
Nice looking