Jan 13, 2019

wondering why the steel isn’t mention wink 😉 there’s probably a reason

looks like a cool axe fox makes some good gear but if your shopping for any blade axe knife etc and they won’t tell u what steel there using that makes me think it’s cheap crap steel because when good or even pretty good steel is used they definitely make sure they tell u so I’m guessing this steel is subpar and would take my 💰 elsewhere
SAnCLT and gorian2222

Just an FYI - this looks like a comment about a specific product, but it was created as a new Talk post. I think maybe this is the drop you were trying to comment on? https://www.massdrop.com/buy/fox-knives-trekking-axe-682m A quick Google search turns this up on the Boker website: https://www.bokerusa.com/axes/trekking-axe-682/m-09fx005 The steel is Sandvik 12C27, I've posted a comparison below to 440C for reference - you can run your own graphs at Zknives.com, which is a super cool website for steel comparisons.
With axes and hatchets (and cleavers), most manufacturers use a steel and heat treatment that are optimized for toughness to make the blade resistant to chipping with heavy impact; this is a different priority than with thinner blades that have the primary function of cutting/slicing. Anyways, it wasn't omitted on purpose - Normally, if you spot a missing spec and post in the discussion for that product, a buyer will research as needed and add it. Hope this info helps, thanks for posting.
decent mid grade steel thanx for info
They don’t tell you the steel because they’re never gonna be able to carry them. Serge has made it clear he’s never going to do a production line of the orbits. He let spyderco make a collab knife that’s similarl