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Does any one know anything about this watch. I received this 20-25 years ago from a friend who was in Russia and sent it to me as a gift. I believe he told me it was a watch worn by Russia soldiers. Any info will be helpful.
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It's a Vostok Komandirskie. They are solidly built and easy to wear, I own quite a few. The construction makes it very easy to maintain and mod. There is a great 3rd party mod part market as well. Accuracy is rated at -20/+60 a day (positional variation is not that great). on the wrist, i'd say under +20s a day. The main downside is the (not-so) quick-set date. Once you normally turn the hands clockwise and the date flips, you can quick-set it by alternating anti-clockwise to 8:00PM -> clockwise past 12:00. If you wear the watch regularly, this is not a problem. However, if the date indicates 1 and the actual date is 29, that's goinf to be a while. Link to a discussion on brand heritage: https://www.hodinkee.com/articles/vostok-amphibia Link to the watch: https://meranom.com/en/komandirskie-classic/92/vostok-watch-komandirskie-921945.html
Thank you for the information. Very interesting watch. I’m probably gonna get a different strap and give it some wrist time.
I found this. The B logo is identical

It looks like a Vostok Amphibian although I do not see a Vostok name or logo. The bezel is identical to a Vostok
That's a vostok amphibia KGB.
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To be honest, I have never handled them, and reviews online are mixed. They have a unique case design where the case seals tighter as the pressure increases to make the watch water resistant as you dive. As you own it, you should definitely give it some wrist time and let us know if it is still running well.
Thanks, I will give you an update.