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If you could keep/have only one...

Fountain Pen.
In the time-honored tradition of preposterous impositions: you can have only ONE pen, or even pencil (yeah, I'm that inclusive). Which one will it be? It can be any writing instrument you have, or wish you had. You may even qualify your answer with "at the moment", "these days" or "right now". Do you go with something practical or something that encapsulates your passion for fountain p--fiddlesticks--writing instruments? Also you will still need something to write on, in that alternate reality with only one writing instrument. What is your one and only notebook? For me, were the writing apocalypse to befall us today, the choice is clear:
My Rotring 1928, because it has something of every aspect I love about fountain pens, and my SuperBuch A5, because its awesome and I only cracked it open yesterday.
What would yours be?
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Lamy 2000
If I were restricted to only one writing instrument, it would have to be a Uni Jetstream pen. It's sturdy, the ink is waterproof, it and doesn't smudge after a minute or so. If I drop it, it will probably still write, and if it won't I just have to replace the refill. One refill will last far longer than any writing session I'm likely to experience. A spare refill is small, inexpensive, and not particularly fragile. IMO the Jetstream writes better than other ballpoint pens, and while something like a Uni Signo may write a bit better (again IMO) than the Jetstream, the Jetstream will write on surfaces that a Signo or other rollerball/gel roller won't. On the other hand, if I didn't need to be practical about my choice, I'd probably go with one of the fountain pens I inherited from my father or grandfather.
OMAS Paragon Brown Arco Celluloid

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That's a really nice-looking pen! :-)
Thank you - beautiful, and writes like a dream too!
visconti watermark

Nice collection!
I would love to own a Yard-O-Led FP.
Opus 88 Koloro. Elegant, original, understated, thoughtful design. Holds plenty of ink, writes smoothly and has a very comfortable section.
My every day writer, TiLiner in full copper!
Would love to see MD offer the Nakaya Decapod, or, for that matter, just about any Nakaya pen--at the right price.
Toss up between my 1936 Vacumatic and my original flat-black Vanishing Point. Both have semi-flexible nibs that are like butter.
The 1958 Parker 51 that was my father's
I've been very partial to the Kaweco sport with an EF nib. I love the flow, the reliability, the price point. I'm surprised that Kaweco hasn't been mentioned already. I tend to write in journals from Poppin, which I buy by the fistful. Nice paper that doesn't bleed through, and again at at price point that doesn't force me to treat it like a precious commodity
Kaweco is quite popular with the Massdrop writing community. I've owned quite a few and I still hold on to the Special. However, I regret the lack of something more substancial from Kaweco. There was the Kaweco King once, but it was a limited edition and is very expensive to acquire. I never tried Poppin, may give them a try.
My Levenger Newton. Purchased it many, many years ago and it's an absolute wet noodle.

does levenger manufacture their own pens?
My vintage Pelikan 400NN. The nib's
beak shape means I can write normally, flexibly, or get interesting shapes when I turn it upside down and swipe with the face of the nib. My current notebook is a Stalogy 365 with paper very similar to Tomoe River paper. Love it.
I have a couple of Stalogies too. Great paper.
I have a couple of old Pelikan 140s and really like them. One of these days maybe I'll have to get a 400NN too.
Pelikan M800 (any made in the last 30 or so years) with 18k Extra Fine. They write magnificently, have perfect balance and can go on a plane without exploding.
I'm surprised it hasn't been mentioned earlier.
Delta Dolce Vita Broad or Pilot 823 Broad
Montblanc Hemmingway since it was issued in 1997
It has to be one of Montblanc's most desirable limited editions.
If only one, then it has to be the TWSBI 580AL! Aesthetically pleasing and therapeutical to watch the coloured ink slosh about inside the barrel and writes so well.

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You are always welcome! Were it not for you we would not be having this conversation
LOL! As they say, you either stalk people, issues or things! In this case, you've given me a chance to stalk others on their pen usage! πŸ˜‚ Attending school to learn Chinese was a decision to save myself from being called a banana. The result of me loving the language was incidental and totally a surprise. I have written pieces about my discovery in my blog that's hardly getting an update nowadays because I travel so much. It's about the cowry in the way Chinese look at money. And what media means to the Chinese. Let me find the links......... @MrSharkbait I will dabble with Chinese calligraphy once I settle in my new place. Do post up some of your work! It would be great to see the work of a hand guided by your mother when you were growing up!
Conid Regular Bulkfiller Demonstrator (Flat Top) w/ medium Ti nib. The fit and finish are beautiful to behold. It holds loads of ink and writes like a dream.
In many respects the perfect "designated survivor", great choice.
A very fine piece of pen design and elegant engineering. I also covet their Giraffe - ink tanker!
One and only Visconti Bronze large size homosapians, to me it’s magnificent in every sense. It’s the power of nature in your hand, the earth and metal the best that can be held in a hand !!!!!!! Pure bliss
I have the Black Age Maxi and I love it. A bit too fragile to be my one and only, though.
Nice looking pen. I've been eyeing that Visconti line for a long time, and hope to get one one of these days!
I have two favorites and I can't separate them: 1) Parker 51 ... a total classic 2) Osmia/Faber Castell -- the Osmia was made in Germany as part of the Faber Castell family. I use it as a dip pen because the filler twist cap is broken. The nib is fantastic; very strong line. Never skips. I use it to write my checks.
The 51 was my father's life-long pen. Nothing could bring him to consider anything other than a Parker. I tried. Osmia, vintage Kaweco and, Onoto are on my to-get list.
My father carried a '41 Parker "51" from '41 until the late '70s. Finally Parker said they weren't repairing them anymore and when the diaphragm went he retired it. He missed having a fountain pen, so he later bought a Sheaffer Connaisseur pen and used that for the rest of his life.
If the penpocalypse were to happen, I'd hide my Franklin-Christoph pocket 20 from the, uh, thing that was destroying our pens. It's the perfect size for my hand, eyedroppers without complaint, and the Masuyama-ground broad stub produces what I consider to be the perfect line. There's just enough width and line variation to lend character to my writing but not so much that I look like I'm writing nothing but wedding invitations.
Yeah, Mr. Masuyama has taken (and earned) a fair share of my money over the years.
I love my KRONE Monarch FP. It's .925 silver with a "Mottishawed" 14k italic nib. A beautiful writing instrument in every way; a wonderful smooth writer that never skips. The best pen that I own.
If I had to restrict myself to only one fountain pen it would have to be from Sailor. I swear not once have I picked up either of the Sailors I have, no matter how long it has gone without use, it never fails to start a line on paper..NEVER!
Sailor Pro Gear Ocean, H-EF nib. I could write with that thing forever.
A totally ludacris question!! Not possible!
I'm going to go super cheap and say my TWSBI Diamond Mini EF because it's an absolute workhorse. My daily writing is abusive. I typically go through a No. 18 pad from Rhodia a week (also my paper choice - cheap, abundant, and easy to read quickly with whatever color you throw on it), and this thing goes in my pocket with my keys/ phone, has been through the wash more than I want to admit, and who knows how many times it's been doomed to fall into the black hole next to my truck seat. There are other pens I enjoy writing with more, and I reserve them for letters, signature, and other fun things. But the TWSBI is always in the trenches behind it all.
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I'm going to be a jerk and say you should make another post like this for ink. I think having to choose one would literally give me a stroke.
Hah! I wouldn't dare.
I am looking for information on the chopard fountain pen: does it hace rigid, soft or flex nib?
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I tried to find and I can not find any other link
And I need to know if you fill the ink with pump or used carteages
There are so many great choices but right now I would say Nakaya Dorsal Fin 2. Unfortunately entirely unlikely I will ever be able to afford one
A simply beautiful pen.
If I were to have to choose from one, and only one pen, I would have to go with the Pilot Falcon (Elabo). The paper would be a relatively easy choice: Rhodia Webnotebook (not Rhodiarama), with an Allegory Leather cover.
Basic nib or with a Mottishaw mod? Extra creds for knowing your paper.
I have only used the basic nib, so that's probably what I would head towards. Being a lefty, it can be difficult to find nibs that "just work" in the EF size, which is what I typically like the most.
Montegrappa revolver. It's my dream pen
Nice dream πŸ˜„
Lol can't be accused of not having lofty stands πŸ˜‰