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Sub 100 (bass oriented?) DAC for HD58x Jubilee.

So I just ordered the HD58x Jubilee, and am now looking for a DAC to pair it with. This is my first introduction to audiophile level quality, so I don't know yet if I want to spend a lot of money on it. Basically I'm wondering which sub 100 budget DAC I should consider. I've looked at the Fiio EK10, I saw it has a bass boost (I like bass, heard the hd58x isn't too heavy on that side so thought this might be good). Would this be a solid choice? Do all DACs have some way to equalize your audio? Any good pairings for the hd58x? I'm a complete noob so I'm not sure where/which features I should be looking at. Thanks!

too bad you should buy topping d10 then save up for an amp. d10 is under 100 and I use it with $3000 headphones.
Close to budget... just add a nice NOS tube (needed), or wait for the re-drop on MD, get Audivarna as a player and some 24/96 or better FLAC files of your fav: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Aune-T1SE-Mk3-Tube-USB-DAC-And-Headphone-Amp/392235864108?hash=item5b5314502c:g:IlIAAOSwUPlcYHg4:rk:2:pf:1&frcectupt=true A well written white paper, to help explain: http://m.marantz.co.uk/DocumentMaster/master/Marantz_DAC_White_Paper_6th_March-2018.pdf
hi , i have the K3 , its a great little amp but it will struggle to drop enough volts into 150ohm drivers , its better suited to higher impedances my galaxy s9 plus drives my t50rp mk3 better than the k3 ! . personally i prefer my sanskrit pro running into the LAmini class A headphone amp or any of Lee's headphone amps . i havent tried any of his all in one dac amp combos though . the LAmini drives my t50 with ease to ear bleeding levels with class A goodness. :-)
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I am waiting on my hd58x jubilee so will try them on the k3 , but for desk use a far better amp dac set up can be had . Will report back on the k3 and 58x when they arrive.
Tried the fiio k3 and can confirm it cannot adequately drive the 58x , you get sound but its weak and low quality compared to a budget 1w class A' , LAmini (amazing amp for the money but needs 220v supply not 240v) and sanskrit dac.
FiiO has a successor to the E10K DAC/amp combo called the K3. No idea how much the sound is improved since I have never heard it, but it looks like a nice little device. There are some decent DAPs in the price range that also offer DAC functionality, like the Cayin N3, and (I think) the Shanling M0.
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Whew okay that's reassuring ;) I'll give it a listen first, my hd58x's are in customs rn I can't wait! It's nice to know I have options though if I'd run in to some problems. Thanks for the help!
How does the K3 sound with 58X? I'm thinking about getting it for the same headphones.
The E10K can push up to 150 ohms theoretically, so I think that'll be fine for you.
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ahh right. congrats on the new gear!
If that's your budget, spend it all on the amp. Having the DAC portion won't yield much improvement. Are you looking to use it portably?
Okay I was unclear on the difference between a dac and amp. Maybe I shouldve done a bit more research :s No I'll use it at my PC. Is the Fiio EK10 a dac/amp combo or just an amp? Any experience with it? Thanks for the reply.
Since the budget is so low, I don't think there are many DACs in this range. I have the HD58X and I power it with a Micca OriGen G2. The G2 is very analytical in terms of sound. I have also used my HD58X on a Massdrop CTH +SDAC/AMP, which I think has more natural bass, and the difference is minimal
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I have never ran just an amp. The Micca has a gain feature and it is considered a DAC/preamp. The 3.5mm output of my laptop sounds like crap. Having the signal from the audio signal from the USB port makes it sound so much better.
OKay I'll consider this. thanks!