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Is this a good build? (my first build planning on buying and beginning soon)

go to this link > https://pcpartpicker.com/list/TWr9Z8 and please tell me if it is a good rig or not

Well, first off you forgot the mouse, get a razer deathadder or whatever tickles your pickle, also you might want 2-3 more fans. Also, humans cant even see up to 144hz so ignore all of that, although you may want to get 75-90hz if you REALLY want those extra frames, try going for a 90hz 2k monitor, or something around there.
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Also a 90 hz 2k monitor is extremely rare as 90 is not common and technically 2k is referencing the cinematic format which isn’t in a lot of monitors
I have yet to see a 2k 90 hz but i was saying what he should aim for, and it yes while it does look clearer 60-144hz is hardly worth it,unless hes playing at high frames it wont help
@Landall, per usual, has some excellent recommendations. I'd like to add, scrap that monitor and look for a 1ms 144hz option.
1)You have a good idea of what it should consist of but you should think more of the long term. I would get rid of the wireless key board and get a wired one instead because you going to have to charge it more than you think and it will have slower reaction time than an average gaming keyboard. 2)Instead of getting 4 x 4gb ram just get 2 x 8gb ram so you will be able to upgrade you ram space easier. Think about it, if you ever wanted to upgrade to 32gb of ram you would have to throw away 2 x 4gb so you could fit the other 2 x 8gb ram. You also don't want to have uneven sticks of ram which could cause problems running certain programs efficiently in the future. 3) You are going to need at least 2-3 more fans for best airflow. I would recommend silent running fans because you wouldn't want to game much with a vacuum running the whole time and neaither would the people on the voice chat. 4) You also don't need the optical drive because pc games are downloaded off steam or other game buying applications like Uplay, GOG, and Blizzard. When you are first setting up your computer OS you should just use a bootable flash drive with the OS installation files on it and when you are setting installing your OS i would recommend installing the OS files on your SSD instead of your HDD because of reading issues. Only use the SSD for more loading time intensive games like Skyrim or Fallout and use the HDD for less loading time intesive games like COD or OverWatch. 5) If you can I would go for a hard wired internet connection instead of wireless especially for high data gaming so there no channel interference. If you dont have the option to go wired I would at least get a different network card that doesn't have a cord extending out of the back of it because it would look horrendous on a desk and it is one more thing waiting to break. Also get a network card that has two channel capability so you have the freedom to switch between them. I would recommend something like the TP-Link AC1300 WiFi PCI-Express Wireless Network Card. Link for network card: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B016K0896K/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o05_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
I would recommend 2 8gb ram because much easier upgrade in the future get windows elsewhere for much cheaper lIke 30 or 40 i think get a bronze or gold rating is good enough try to get a 500gb ssd
remove the cd thingy
I personally would go for more SSD storage. I like to have all of my games installed on an SSD as well. Get a couple TB drive for media, and then spend the rest on SSDs. A small one for your OS then one or two for application​s and games.
I don't even have a regular HDD in ny gaming rig anymore.
Again personal opinion only. But if you are gonna buy a fairly high end processor like that buy a decent cooler, or an AiO water cooler. And something decent to house it. $350 processor, $400 gpu with a $20 cooler and $40 case. Unless you are shaving cost to stay in budget.
Assuming this a gaming rig, it looks good to me. The only recommendation I have is getting two of the 4TB disks and making a RAID 1 array. Any data you put on this array will be preserved if one of the disks fails. So things like documents, pictures, etc should live there. All your volatile data can go on the SSD - OS, games, etc.