Jun 11, 2017

State of Your Watch Collection

Show the state of your watch collection. You don't have to show them all at once, especially if you have a large collection. Show them in different categories, eg. Divers, Chronographs, Pilots, Rolexes, Seikos, etc. Tells us the watch models and share any background story you might have behind the collection.

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Downsizing and listing all these for sale. I have worn the AVI-8 Hawker Hurricane (bottom right) and the Nixon on leather more than any other watches I've ever owned but they struggle for wrist time these days. Hoping to find some holiday shoppers looking for deals on eBay.
I still have 14 to choose from, with a 15th arriving soon and a 16th on order for arrival next year, so this is probably long overdue.
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Yup my birth year speedy is not going anywhere. Tried a ceramic daytona and sky dweller (both white dial) but almost impossible to find at an AD. I can get them but at a premium and I can justify getting them at premium price. So now I'm going with quality rather than quantity. Had like 10+ luxuries (over $1K) at one stage, now down to 5/6.
Hoping to get to that place one day myself, but I'm making the quantity to quality jump on a lower price scale right now. First up is a Speedy, it has been my grail watch for a while now. Going to start setting aside cash each time I'd normally pull the trigger on a watch for a couple hundred bucks. Should have the Omega by late next year.
New addition to the watch box. My lil Seiko collection.
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here it is my friend https://www.jomashop.com/seiko-watch-snkn37.html
thank you... Nice watch collection btw.
Friends, this is off topic but I live in Houston,TX and we are in the middle of catastrophic flooding here. Please keep us in your prayers as we are in dire need of it right now. Thankfully my family is fine and only one of my sisters has had water in her house. She is thankfully safe as well. Sorry to jack this thread but I believe in prayer and the more of it the better. Thanks all.
Sending them to you friend....
The one tool that many watch collectors forget about. I hate when i buy a 2nd hand watch and it comes with so much body dirt at the back of the watch. Gents please if you love your watch give some to it.

I use a toothbrush with a bit of water or anti-bacterial.
The problem with the brush is that can make some micro scratches on the polished areas and we don't want that. But once in a while won't hurt. Thanks for your input bro.
@GES11T :
How are you finding the Tudor bronze? I am trying to decide between a Tudor Black bay Bronze or used Rolex Submariner. I already have a Speedy Pro (which I love) and feel that it may fit the same spot (stainless steel, black face, black bezel) than the Sub. I'm also in the Market for a Pepsi GMT II but that's a different animal.
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Tudor has really been on another level with their recent watches... hard to see them as just Rolex's little brother these days.

Do you ever find it hard pairing the BBB with all your outfits?
No not really, here's my EDC when the Tudor is in rotation. Clothing wise, wear earthy tones, jeans and brown boots.
The state of my collection is I need that WOLF Windsor box to show up so I can create some more space!

I have been selling off ones that I never wear recently and for a while was doing a "one in, two out" requirement. Once I got things pared down I scrapped that rule and now I am waiting for the new box. Recent sales - a couple of Skagens, Nixon Time Teller, Braun Classic Stainless w/ black leather, Giorgio Fedon and a couple of others.
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you know a watch guy when you spot a siste51 in the collection
UPDATE - I now have some space, at least until more Massdrop purchases arrive.

Ward C11 1000M COSC, Longines Lindbergh, Alpina Alpiner 4 flyback, Speedmaster Snoopy
Eterna KonTiki, Eterna Soleure monopusher, Ward C9 5 days, Eterna Madison.
Gagarin 50th, Sumo, Steinhart Legendario, Orient cal. 469 40th, Kronos Soprod 9035
Philip Watch Peseux, Agat Zlatoust 195, Okeah Final Edition, Galeno, Kronos Elegance
(and a few more)
Seiko SARX033 - what's a watch
A small yet humble collection. The Nighthawk was my first watch, purchased a while back as a reliable and versatile starter watch. The Trident was purchased this last October, the 9th, to be exact. I purchased it for myself to expand my collection (specifically, by now including a dive watch), and as a show of my financial independence as a young teen. It soon became so much more than that. At the time, I worked at an Italian restaurant. A very popular one which did incredible amounts of business all year round. It was my first job and I was nearing two years spent there. I loved it so much. I considered the other employees my family and it was like a second home to me. Its hard to see a restaurant in this light. The restaurant business is a flaky one, but we shared a special bond as employees. I didn't plan on leaving until I was forced out of the door. The next day, the 10th of October, the entire staff was called into a morning meeting. In that meeting, we were informed that the restaurant had closed the previous night and was never to open its doors again. That was it, a 20 minute meeting and I was in fact forced out of the door of my favorite place. I was devastated. At that moment I was forced to say rushed goodbyes to my coworkers, my family. Most of those coworkers, I still haven't seen again to this day. That's where the Trident comes in. To me, the watch acts as a constant reminder of the time spent and enjoyed in the restaurant, the people there who I loved so dearly, and all of the lessons I learned in my time there. On my wrist, I carry memories, I carry gained knowledge, I carry love. I carry love for the all of those who made my two years so amazing, my mentors and friends. My family.
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Nope, I'm way over here in NJ.
That's a story that can be construed as "sad", but a magnificent story non the less. That's why ALL of my watches have a special meaning to me also. May that ChWard carry you through many more years J!