Jun 11, 2017

State of Your Watch Collection

Show the state of your watch collection. You don't have to show them all at once, especially if you have a large collection. Show them in different categories, eg. Divers, Chronographs, Pilots, Rolexes, Seikos, etc. Tells us the watch models and share any background story you might have behind the collection.

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Thought I update my always changing state of the collection.
The box
SKX007k, SKX007j, SKA579.
gold SNZH, vintage sportura GMT, SARX055.
38mm Seiko5, Timex T2M431 Retrograde, Nixon GTO
Couple iterations of the Casio AE-1200WHD ‘Casio Royale’, the Casio ‘”bomb-maker” and an old Armani from a lost and found that started it all
Submariner wall clock.
Royal Oak wall clock
Love me some Seiko, this is 14’ wide
ive got a few replicas too, but am not really wearing them anymore, just building out the Seiko collection now!

Wish list: will buy
SARG009, or 011

Dream list,
SRQ019, or 021

and so many more right! What a hobby!
After paging through this thread, I'm starting to feel pretty good about my measly four watch collection (Seiko, Omega, Chr Ward, Casio) that my wife constantly gives me crap about. I think I'm about to tell her she can go if it bothers her so much (lol)! In comparison, I have exercised admirable restraint! Congrats to all y'all for your beautiful collections.
I'm allowed to upload 8, files, I have 300 plus watches
Here's a few!

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I used to have quite a collection (no where near as yours) but decided to consolidate and get my grail watch. No regrets!
Definitely thinking that route myself, need a Daytona and a AP I think
Seiko status.

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Good taste! You'll probably find the snowflake for a good value before the others. And I do love that nav timer...
God, that snowflake is gorgeous. I like the implementation of the power reserve meter on that. The show stopper is the dial, though. Such a tasteful watch.
Just got into watches, so my collection currently is small and low budget, but I enjoy each one!

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Fly Eagles Fly!
Omega planet ocean
Omega Seamaster 300 M
Rolex submariner
Movado Lyra
Croton 18 K equator
Gucci M 500
Mr. Tudor doesn't get a pillow? 😭
Here's my three watch collection, the Seiko SNKL23, SKX007, and the Glycine Combat 6 Vintage
Nice strap on the SNKL23
With the addition of the Evant Bronze Diver and a display box (both Christmas presents) my collection is starting to look like a collection. There are 3 not shown (designer watches without bands). If anyone knows anything amount the Caravelle N7 it would be appreciated as I haven't been able to find out anything about it. It was my grandfather's. I have sent an email to Bulova to see if they can tell me anything but have not had a response.

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Thanks - much appreciated. I had searched N7 but didn't come up with anything. Probably should have used 'Bulova' rather than 'Caravelle'. Nice to know a little more about it. Cheers!
It's a pleasure. I started collecting and playing with vintage watches lately. If you get it opened by a watchmaker or a collector that have the appropriate tools you can take a high resolution picture of the movement. This way, you could learn more details regarding watch's movement on websites like this one:


The information given with movement might help you to find parts, vintage or new old stock.

If you post a picture of the movement or have any questions I'll try to help you learn more things...

If you're willing to risk losing money you might find nice vintage watches at low price needing TLC (tenderness, love and care) that will look great without or after servicing. I had success with late 1960s and early 1970s watches.

With Seiko you can find out not only the year, also the month it was built. So you can find one built in the month you were born!

Have fun collecting watches.
Downsizing and listing all these for sale. I have worn the AVI-8 Hawker Hurricane (bottom right) and the Nixon on leather more than any other watches I've ever owned but they struggle for wrist time these days. Hoping to find some holiday shoppers looking for deals on eBay.
I still have 14 to choose from, with a 15th arriving soon and a 16th on order for arrival next year, so this is probably long overdue.
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I need to think about thinning my collection as well. Where do you normally sell yours? eBay or someplace else?
eBay so far under the same user handle as here. Generally speaking it is alright, especially if you set it as a fixed price with a 30 day sale.

If you want something to move quickly the 7 day auction format is nice. I usually auction with a reserve and if I don't get any takers I'll list it as a 30 day.

You have to pay them a percentage as with any sales but so far it's the best venue I've found.