Jun 11, 2017

State of Your Watch Collection

Show the state of your watch collection. You don't have to show them all at once, especially if you have a large collection. Show them in different categories, eg. Divers, Chronographs, Pilots, Rolexes, Seikos, etc. Tells us the watch models and share any background story you might have behind the collection.

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Here are my Glycine collection so far, everyday I struggle to choose which to wear!

My latest one is the Golden Eye, which just arrive yesterday. The watch itself is very thin, the gold colour look just right and not too bright. The sad thing is I can't wear it for now because the strap are too long for me, I have to go shopping for a new nato strap.

The Airman SST Chrono are my current favorite out of the five, it is gorgeous to look at and it wears comfortably on my wrist. The perfect everyday watch with useful complications i.e. the date window, the chronograph and the 3 time zones.
The Incursore are interesting, it is almost out-of-portion large diameter and huge dial writing, makes it the easiest wrist watch to tell the time. Just a slight glance to the wrist and you can clearly, yes clearly read the approximate time. Very useful for telling time in a conference. :D

The Incursore Black Jack Complique is the most complicated automatic watch that I bought, it have day date, month, ampm, and a chronograph. Looks great in both Zulu strap and leather strap.

The Combat 6 Vintage is the first Glycine I own and it is the one drawn me in to collecting Glycine watches. A very comfy daily watch with a beautiful curvy dial, looks like both an aircraft instrument and a classic field watch.

My Glycine collection is complete, I feel fulfilled and complete lol
Why are your pictures so dark? Great collection btw. I have both the Combat 6 Vintage and the Airman SST12. My next Glycine purchase will most likely be the Golden Eye
I think my phone's camera ain't working properly, here's a better one, the golden eye's straps are quite large, I need to punch 2 extra holes to let it for my tiny wrist lol
$5 for the one how find a gold watch in all this pictures!!! Omg where are those 18k lol.

i can only see tomato tins.
A pair of Turtles, a couple of SARX, a Samurai, SKX, Sarb and a SNK. The Seiko box is full up.
A vintage 6309 6000 on the way.

Most recent additions are the SARX brothers, the 035 just arrived yesterday. While the Sarb is probably one of the best bang for your buck watches out there, the level of finishing on the bracelet and case on the SARX (particularly the 035 "Baby GS") are not Zaratsu level, but you get hints of it. Beautiful watches that I imagine will be in my collection for years and years to come.
I'm sort of at a crossroads, collection wise. Still saving for my Speedy (well, more accurately waiting for a life event and going to get it as a reward to myself) and I've recently had an eye on a Tutima Saxon One Royal Blue for sale locally.


If I see it in the metal and like it, it may end up replacing one of my favorites currently - the blue dialed Samurai. The angular case shape and lugs would be a bit redundant, IMO, but I am intrigues by the Tutima dial and the smaller size (40mm as opposed to 43.8 on the Sammy).

Or I'll get a bigger box for the Seikos ; - )
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While I've got nothing but respect for Seiko (obviously) the Alpinist isn't my cup of tea. I'm not much of a fan of cathedral hands.
The blacked out turtle is super nice! And on a waffle !!!crazy Awesome! Also like the Sammy!
9 Seikos, 5 random divers, and an ArmourLite Caliber Automatic T25 Tritium open heart.
What brand/model is the 2nd from top left? Has a PANERAI look to it.
It’s a “Maranez Layan“, yes definitely a Panerai knock-off. I liked the design and didn’t anything/very little about Panerai when I bought it.
My 3 months collection so far. Was smitten by seiko bugs 🐞. Now a
nother 2 on the way.
So, you like divers watches hu
Mostly divers but I have a Seiko Sarb033 and Tissot Visodate dress watches too
Looks like I need a new box. Have been picking up more vintage watchs,

Hey man what watch is the blue (right) one in the second picture? I Cant read it, thanks!
its a Dubey & Schaldenbrand. Aquadyn Great watch there was only 1058 made I have #383
The whole enchilada
My three kings and a monster [Mudmaster G shock]
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yes its awesome. My dad gave it to me ( the Rolex too.). I used to dislike that Tudor back in the 80s when my dad bought it but when I mature and my taste for horology changed....I went nuts over it lol . Its the main reason I bought the Pelagos ,on sale @ Jomashop but still painfully expensive for me @ 3k lol. BTW. that Tudor sub was snatched from him in the Philippines but the perp drop it and was caught. The crown was severely damaged, the crystal was a goner..the bezel went flying into the filtiest canal over there and he has to pay somebody to retrieve it. He came home with a big gash on his wrist from the folded link bracelet which was also trashed
That is awful he had to go through that, but also makes that watch even more special.
Well my friends, i finally got my trilogy together and i love it. The Pepsi, The Blue Lagoon and The Dutch. Cheers.

those look super! where did you get the NATO for your blue lagoon? looking to pick up a similar one for my SSC017.
Hi bro i got it from cheapest nato straps web site cheapestnatostraps.com cheers mate.