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State of Your Watch Collection

Show the state of your watch collection. You don't have to show them all at once, especially if you have a large collection. Show them in different categories, eg. Divers, Chronographs, Pilots, Rolexes, Seikos, etc. Tells us the watch models and share any background story you might have behind the collection.

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very VERY cool. Thank you for sharing. Great story behind it.
I built a small rig for a lavaliere mic element and use an app on my old iPhone to regulate my automatics. The green Seiko 5 has kept within a couple seconds/day when worn, and I can position it at night to get back closer to time by morning. The gold 5 is from 1988 as far as I can tell and has kept +/- 2 sec/day without me even touching it. The stainleas with black dial 5 appears to be from 1978 and is the first one I have dabbled with beat error correcting.

Luminox 0301- Quartz everyday beater
Christopher ward c60 trident vintage ,38mm,bracelet- Love it , gets the most wear, about -3sec/24hr .Great quality watch.
Certina ds podium auto , white dial, bracelet - Another lovely watch, sporty dress look, the dial and quality is amazing, it runs at about +12 though, not the best but within eta parameters.
Seiko Turtle SRP775K1 - Trusty diver for getaways and for out and about use.
Yema- yeau 011-ba- Basic and cheap, but has a use as a cheap dress watch . The movement is surprising really good.

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Yeah the superman has got quite a following. Just a chinese cheapo here, which is really accurate.Compared to the eta in the certina which i'm really disappointed with. It runs too fast imo.
40mm is my sweet spot for watches , bar the expectation of the seiko, which is huge, but it seems to wear well. I could have got away with a 43mm c60 but i like a more refined look with watches. my wrists are 7 .5 inch.
7 Seiko automatic Divers (SKXs, Turtles, Samurai, Monster, MM200 1968)
4 Seiko 5s
Seiko Alpinist
Seiko Flightmaster Chrono
Seiko "Save the Ocean" solar chrono/diver
2 Citizen Eco Drive dress watches
Citizen Nighthawk
Citizen Automatic dress watch
Glycine Combat Sub
Tissot Powermatic 80 Chronometer
Hamilton Khaki Field 40mm
Halios Seaforth II diver
Evant Decodiver Fume diver
Steinhart Ocean 1 39mm diver
Squale Onda Azzuro
Aevum Apex GT
Casio Worldtime "Casio Royale"
Casio G-shock

The state of my collection is substantial.

From left to right:
- Hamilton (quartz), just a basic beater that I'm not worried about damaging.
- Hamilton 9379 automatic chronograph, reverse-panda.
- Junghans Max Bill automatic
- Steinhart Nav-B Uhr automatic, B type.
- Skagen Jorn quartz. I bought this on clearance as my "summer" watch to replace my Timex Weekender, which I think was defective because the ticking was so loud I could hear it across the room.

A very "budget" (value-based?) collection. Someday I'll pick up a nice diver but happy with what I have right now. The only bummer is that I don't have many occasions where I can wear the Junghans.
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Thanks. I had that strap lying around but I'm pretty sure I originally bought it from Hirsch: https://www.hirschstraps.com/products/hirsch-rush-nylon-nato-watch-strap-in-black-grey-orange?variant=25528995080

Hope that helps!
Not sure I would call this a "budget" collection, but it's all relative. Love the Hamilton.

Just a few of my beauties!
Where we attempt to answer that perennial question: ”Does anyone really know what time it is/does anyone really care?”
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State of my collection: disarray.
I have multiple watch boxes to keep them in but usually take them off at my bedside, at the bathroom counter, at my desk in my office, or at my dresser. So I have piles like this one at each location. I have to get my shit together and organize them all on their pillows and box them properly. But with probably 40 or so watches that's a project. LOL
Nice pile o watches!

This is the state of my meager collection consisting of my seiko snk371 on a nato strap as my everday wear, with a tour de france Tissot, dress quartz Bulova, quirky eco-drive Citizen, and a beater G-Shock
You truthfully have a very solid foundation for the collection... The SNK looks great
Tissot are nice. Use d to sell them at gun and knife shows 20 years ago.