Jan 18, 2019
These are my Vostok Komandirskie K-34. I'm just a beginner watch enthusiast but hopefully Massdrop will help me add more pieces to my future collection :)
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I might have to add one of these Vostok’s to my collection just to have one, but really I’m thinking of collecting watches from different countries
Good luck, even though I have no experience with other brands yet, I really like my Vostoks. They make mostly two types: Vostok Amphibias which are a little bit cheaper (under 100$), less delicate and have more of a basic "military" look and then Komandirskie (around 200-250$) which I'd describe as a daily casual watch. They are not the smallest ones or the lightest with only around 30-35hours of power reserve but so far they've been pretty accurate with an error of +-5seconds per day. I've bought 3 of them for me, my brother and my father and they all work pretty much the same. They are not that easy to come by, I haven't found any reseller in EU so I've ordered them directly from Russia and they came without any problems, only had to pay customs tax.

Liking that bro!