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Which watch do you most regret buying?

"Can't win 'em all!" as the saying goes, and it probably goes for at least one watch you've acquired somewhere along the way. Any that still makes you cringe? Any you've hidden away where they can no longer offend you? I confess, that at one time in my youth, I actually owned a Spiro Agnew watch--a gift from my mother. Today, I'm not sure which I regret more: having actually worn the beastly thing, or losing it years later? Who knows what a vintage Spiro might bring at auction these days...? How 'bout you?
Duncan and ED61

Glycine Airman No 1 Auto - https://www.massdrop.com/buy/69123 Even at a discount I feel like I overpaid for it. Speaking of...anyone want to buy a watch?!?
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Damn it--now you've got me listening to all of mine! Bet you'll get more than a few offers for it here...
Are you able to remove the back cover? Seems to me that a drop of good watch oil on the rotor bearing may solve your problem. It's worth a try. I have an airman and it's a great watch.
Deep Blue Chrono - I really underestimated the size of this thing and should not have been Scotch and internet shopping. It feels like it weighs 5 pounds and would be a perfectly acceptable device to pound 10-penny nails.
Yup, the do make some big'ns! Can admit to a few less than sober internet shopping trips myself--although I prefer Canadian Whisky to Scotch; helps me make more informed purchase decisions ;- )
I don't really feel true regret with any watch I own now or have owned. Even with watches I later sold, I had reason to buy it, and I enjoyed it for a while, then had a reason to later sell. The closest I come to a regret I think is this. It is a pocket watch conversion, and the redial is simply fictitious. It was never a Soviet air force model as it pretends to be. Lots of old watches were created and sold by Ukrainian ebay sellers over the years in order to get as much money as they could for what would otherwise be a less than ordinary watch.
But that all said, it definitely looked cool and I enjoyed it for a short time. Then I gave it away as a contest prize online.
Interesting piece and story; very crafty of those sneaky Ukrainians too! Hope it went to a good home ;- )
It is a tie between my tense Hudson wood watch or orient symphony II. Not because either are bad watches, it is just that I never wear them anymore when I have better choices. So they are basically wasted money. Thankfully, relatively speaking, they were inexpensive. So maybe they served the purpose of introducing me into buying watches and a stepping stone to automatic watches. Before the tense watch I never owned or wore a watch since I was a teenager over 20 years ago.

Perhaps it will do the same thing for another--one day in the future? There is certainly no faulting it it's appearance!
Seiko "Mumbai Special" on ebay. Now I don't buy anything from that country.
Yikes--didn't know you could...
Citizen Signature...an Octavia IIRC. Eco Drive, perpetual calendar...but HUGE and HEAVY. Even after ditching the bracelet, the watch head alone was HEFTY. Just too big for my wrist, too. And it turned out to have the worst accuracy, IIRC, of any of my Citizens.
Well, at least it’s in your past. Think of all the poor guys who got Invictas last Christmas!
Bulova kirkwood 64a105 rose gold selita sw200 skeleton really nice watch never wore it my old eyes can’t see the hands at a glance so once a month I wind it up and watch the mainspring tightened up and look at it again a month later
Beautiful watch, the Kirkwood, but I'm with you--very hard to read. You've reminded me of a short lived relationship I had years back with an Invicta Yacht Master homage (blatant, bloody knock-off, actually), anyway the contrast between the dial, hands and indices couldn't possibly have been less. Even 15 years I couldn't read the damn thing. Fortunately, it was returnable!