Jan 19, 2019

Do I need an Amp?

I need all the info I can get ...... Do I need an amp????? Can I use my lgv40 as the source ????? ...........so I joined the Sennhiser 6xx drop and I saw the O2 amp is only 100$ from what I understand the lgv40 ismore than capable of driving theese cans but noticed even with the hifiman planars that they didn't get as loud as I expected(but they were still more than loud enough) besides loudness ........are there any Sonic differences with an amp ???? And can you use an amp without a computer (like power it from the wall?)

And as for 110 vs 220 volt which should I pick I'm just gonna plug them into the wall in my apartment

DAC's and amps help headphones reach their full potential. Special mobile amps and DAC's are made so that they can pair with cell phones. When buying audio equipment, it is important to check what type of inputs the equipment takes and the outputs. Look at the technical specs for the O2. https://www.jdslabs.com/products/35/objective2-headphone-amplifier/
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Run an AUX cord from your phone into the O2. Better headphones is all relative. The HD58X has more bass, lower impedance, and costs less
With the v40 I daresay you wouldn't need an amp with the HD58X. Not sure about the 6XX which I do not possess