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The most underrated Massdrop feature

Massdrop is an ever changing e-commerce site with a load of features. For someone that is new to the site, it is easy to get lost in the discussion posts of products. It is vital to ask questions about a product that you are about to purchase, but sometimes those questions do not get a response. Pictured below is where the "search" feature is located when you are looking at the discussion of a specific product (the yellow box).
Use it to search for keywords that are pertinent to your question. It is very likely that someone else has already asked the same question and gotten feedback.
The search feature can also be used to sort through all the posts that have been created by fellow community members. Highlighted by the yellow box in the image below.

"Search" can also be used to sort through product reviews.
Notes: For anyone that is curious, I am using the Dark Reader Google Chrome extension to change the colors of the Massdrop page.
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Unfortunately, search only searches terms in the body of comments on drops, not user names. So if the name is not in a body of a comment, it will not be picked up. Not sure about the reasoning behind that omission.
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The @ will let you find where a member is mentioned in the comments, but not comments written by that member nor replies to their comments.
This is exactly what I was referring to. :)