Jun 13, 2017

Citizen automatic watch

hello guys,
I am thinking of picking up a Citizen NH8350-83A. This watch is really cheap, it's $99, and I heard the value for money is great. The watch runs a Miyota 8200 movement with hand winding. I would love some feedback. I have also included few photos of the watch.


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Looks good and I don't have any auto's yet because I want one that can also be hand wound however it is tough to find one for a good price. You have definitely found a great option here. I currently own 2 Citizen Eco-Drive watches that I enjoy so can certainly say Citizen makes a quality piece.
Yeah you can usually pick these up at Long Island watches, thats were I ordered mine from.

For an entry automatic, you really can't go wrong with a Miyota 8200. It's a good, solid movement. It's a bit rough around the edges, and a noisy movement relatively speaking, but all in all, for $99.00, again, you can't go wrong. Sure, you'll have some people that will say go with a Seiko, or Victorinox, or Swatch, but they are opinions non the less. People would be hard pressed to torpedo a Citizen any more than any other watch in that price range. You grab what sings and smiles to you friend.


p.s. Thats a clean, minimalist looking watch, $99 bucks or not!
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