Jan 20, 2019216 views

Which keycaps go with the Anne pro 2?

Ive been looking to get my first actual mechanical keyboard for a while now, but, with that i also want a set of keycaps to go with it, i was looking to get kalih browns, does anyone know which profile keycaps fit best?

Well, i’ve seen some good reviews on PBT keycaps, so I think that’s what i’m going to go with, and for budget, i have no clue, although i don’t want to spend too much, i do want some goodlooking and quality ones.
Make sure you respond to a comment so that the person you are talking to gets notified that you responded back. Rather than just commenting again on your post. KBDfans has lots of stuff. Check out all their keycaps.
What's your budget? Do you want doubleshot ABS plastic or dye-sub PBT?
The keycaps that come with the anne pro are oem profile. If you want something similar, you could always buy another OEM profile set. Cherry profile is also another crowd favorite. In the end, the keycap profile is all about personal preference.