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Sharing a few shots of my new JTrias cables

Custom built for me by a new friend of mine, Mr Jon Trias (aka @jtrias21 ). The plan was to construct a replacement cable for my Hifiman 4XXs (the supplied, single ended cable was far too short) that would also allow me to plug into the balanced jack on my Jotunheim (a port I'd been ignoring since the Van Damme fiasco, several months back). Happy to report: mission accomplished. I'm ecstatic about the quality of the finished product--and before you ask, let me tell you--they do sound as good as they look!

Nice work Jon!


Victurtle, DinoJoe, and 9 others

Cables do look nice though.
Wow. You have balanced cables. Now you can really hear your music!
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Lol. What? Balanced cables don't transform your life and herald the second coming?
Best keep that on the down-low; lotta kids around here still believe in Santa Clause!
Great shots Ray! Happy Listening :) -Jon