Jan 21, 2019


I would Massdrop to make available to Malaysia an existing R2R DAC (line Denafrips) or Massdrop Airist or plan a new R2R DAC for malaysian market. Thank you

https://www.ebay.com/itm/New-Denafrips-Ares-R2R-Dac-24Bit-384K-Digital-audio-decoder-DAC-amplifier/282350629368 I think same fellow I bought from. Or wait for the Airist, still looks like the best price/performance ratio for stepping into R-2R. I wanted DSD native, so went for the Ares, very nice & real... Or Soekris, not native DSD, but budget friendly: http://www.soekris.dk/
Good morning. I see from profile that you have the Korg DSD DAC 100. Me too, but I am not very happy with the sound. Clean, but thin and digital sounding compared to my ancient California Audio Labs Sigma 2 tube DAC. How does Denafrips Ares compare to the Korg?
The Ares has a liquidity, a life really a presence, that has brought me closest,,, so close I’m good for a bit here... to the sound I have always hoped for... delivers. I believe, well above its price. You are feeding the Korg through Audiogate, with quality files? The Korg 100 should have dedicated clean USB 5V to perform.