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Aurora 96. A hot-swap 96key for $200... Too good to be true?

Anyone else upset over the Aurora96 delays and now a CF plate instead of SS?! With the delays for Asian shipments, and now NA shipments probably delayed even longer due to Chinese New Year! Most likely going to cancel order or go through PayPal. It's all up to you at this point Massdrop... I know there are at least 3 of us who would jump on an aluminum, hot swap, 96/104(pref hi-pro) in seconds.

What? So your not happy with the Aurora's progress? I'm looking at getting one as the site still allows purchase. I have the MiTo Alt Lazer. Its my only mechanical keyboard right now. I really like the layout of a 96 keyboard as I miss my numberpad. I wish MiTo would make a 96 but I don't feel like waiting a year or more.
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Not sure who "the guy" is you are referring to, but Andromeda is not a design by @MiTo . Its a collab between @Zambumon and @Oblotzky . @Zambumon is currently dropping his GMK Jamon key set. Weather or not there are Andromeda workings in the future, you would have to ask either of the designers.
was just a reference twords MiTo. He seems to be only interested in 67key board at the moment. FYI I am probably going to buy the Vortex you suggested. $167 for a full keyboard seems like a good deal.
This would be a better keyboard: https://www.massdrop.com/talk/8800/whats-your-favorite-layout/2307160 Just need to get it built!
You got at least one sale if you ever get this to a GB and have an option for bare-bones(no switches/caps/Bluetooth) and num pad on the left..