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Stealth Spinners: they are awesome!

I recently got the three spinners made by exclusively by Stealth Spinners, the Aventador (left), the just released Brass Aventador (center), and the B2 (right). I must say these spinners are dope! Here is an unbiased review, hoping to be useful to those considering purchasing these beautiful spinners. I also hope Massdrop will be willing to work with them and make a future drop of these, perhaps with an exclusive color (hey! I want in if this actually becomes a reality!).
You can get these on the Stealth website (https://stealthspinners.com/) and usually a B2 (or an Aventador if you're lucky) also in the monthly Spinner Fidget Club (https://spinnerbox.com).
All three spinners are brass, and are made using what I assume to be a molding process EDIT: after corresponding with the designer, it was confirmed it's done by CNC machining, which makes me even more impressed by the quality of the manufacturing process and tools used! There are absolutely no machining marks that I can discern; on the contrary they have perfect fit and finish, with very uniform edges and raised parts. The manufacturing – which I know is done in Asia – must be an absolute top notch operation! For the B2 and the Aventador, the black electroplated color is completely integrated to the metal, and does not come across as a layer of paint; it feels and looks not to be prone to flaking or scratching.

The Brass Aventador seems to just show off the natural color of brass; I hope it’ll patina nicely! All three spinners spin eerily silently; they project a barely audible whir at a very low and very, very, pleasing level; I have to bring them up to my ear to hear that pleasing sound! Among all my spinners, these three are probably the most silent.
The balance, fit and tolerances are perfect; as a result, all three spin without any noticeable wobble or vibrations. These spinners are absolutely perfect in that sense; besides the normal resistance created by the spinning motion and the torque when you move the spinners, there are no vibrations due to spinner unbalance, or off-center bearings. Max, the designer, has hit it out of the park as far as designing a silent and stable spinner, and I feel the Aventador is the yardstick by which I will judge all future spinners, as far as sound and vibrations are concerned.

The Brass Aventador produces mesmerizing light patterns when spinning... I can watch it for minutes at a time.
The Aventador and the Brass Aventador are fairly heavy at 95 grams; these are definitively not for amateurs of light spinners. If you like heavy spinners – and I know many spinner fans absolutely adore heavier ones – then you’ll be in paradise! For me, they are too heavy to flick one handed (the weight hurts my fingernail, the way I flick) but I like two-handed spinning as much as flicking, anyway.
No 'hot spots' are felt, despite the hard angles and straight lines. Everything has been given a small, but efficient, smooth bevel.
The Aventador is perfect for two-handed spinning, and once you give it a go, it’ll spin, spin, and spin with no end in sight, due to the weight and perfect balance. Seven or eight minutes vertically (“Ferris wheel-like”) is easily achievable out of the box!
The B2 is a somewhat lighter spinner at 72 grams, but it’s still a bit too heavy for one-handed flicking for me. Hence, I also spin it two-handed, and I get the same satisfying results as with its bigger brethren.
The only part that I would modify, are the buttons. Due to their weight, I sometimes feel like I could drop the spinners; you do NOT want to drop the Aventador on a toe, or on wood floor, or on any surface – it would probably hurt a lot, or create bruises, marks or chips on many surfaces. Hence I feel the buttons would benefit from more grip or a more pronounced pattern (deeper grooves, for example).
But this remains a minor point, and I have no quarry recommending them wholeheartedly; if you buy only one higher-end spinner this year, and if you like heavy spinners, the Aventador is the one to get! I intend to buy all and any future Stealth produced spinners, if they can stay in the price range of the B2 and Aventador!
(I chose not to pledge in their Kickstarter campaign for the Shimmering Sentinel – but I’ll review it gladly if I can put my paws on one!)
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The B2 looks especially awesome. Love the finish. I have a brass spinner now and probably won't go anything lighter. I can still flick it with one hand though so it's perfect.