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is there anyone out there....

....who'll be willing to help a german guy getting a sweet automatic watch by Maratac!?
If so please help my poll to become a drop.
Greetings from germany :)

I have to say that i'm not very familiar with al the movements and stuff but after your comments i googled the 8215 cal. and altogether the opinion on most of the people is, that it is in general a good middle class movement but a watch with this cal. shouldn't cost you more than 200 to 250 bucks. So since I'm not glued to any brand I search a watch which fulfills these points: - automatic movement, in the best case with the option to hand wind. - water resistant minimum up to 100bar/10ATM, in the best cas up to 200bar/20ATM and I don't know if it's standard at this water resistant levels but a screwed crown would be cool. - see through bottom(not extremely necessary if the other point ar fulfilled) - stainless steel or any other premium steel like titanium and for gods sake no polished/chrom finish, best case matt finish. - in the best case the watch body is made out of one solid peace
Do you guys think this all together is possible for around 500 to 600 bucks?
Is that possible for $500 - $600? Yes it is, and for a good deal under that also.
It is not that the Miyota 8215 is a bad movement. I already have 2 watches with cal. 82xx movements that I am happy with. But the newer cal. 9015 is that much nicer and not really that much more expensive to put in a watch. The 9015 adds a hack feature and operates at a higher beat-rate. The 82xx series movements also have a reputation for stutter in the seconds hand, but my 2 watches never suffered from that problem. That is why I was encouraging you to hold out for the upgrade if CountyComm gets around to requesting another production run from Maratac.
A couple of recent massdrops you should have been considering with your specifications were the Orient Mako II and Orient Star Classic. They both were offered for under $300 with Orient's newer hacking/handwinding movement. The Mako II was under $200 actually. https://www.massdrop.com/buy/orient-star-classic-automatic-watch https://www.massdrop.com/buy/orient-mako-ii-automatic-watch
Of course I remember now some comments now about not shipping to Europe, so I apologize if these did not enter your consideration for that reason.
I'd also recommend a model with the 9015 movement. I've had the Maratac SR9015L for about a year and love it - wear it almost every day. Gains less than 5 sec per day. Heavy duty!
You really want that Miyota cal. 8215 version? I personally would hold out and see if CountyComm brings in another batch of the cal. 9015 powered version. I have the SR-3 which has the 9015, and I personally would have a hard time justifying purchasing another watch with a Miyota 82xx movement.