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IEMs under 20 on Amazon

Can anyone recommend a pair of IEMs under 20 bucks that I can get that are pretty sturdy. Want good sound quality, but also something I can work out with. Any recommendations?

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There is only one company that makes quality IEM's in that price range regularly (IMO)... look up the xiaomi piston and/or hybrids. The hybrids run a tad over that price (like $25), I have the Piston 2's for "at risk" uses and they are fantastic for the price. I don't see any NOS on those however...
I suggest saving up a little bit more... and getting https://www.adv-sound.com/products/m4
its pretty sturdy, good build. good fit. and you get 3 yr warranty and it sound pretty good too, so...
heres the review to help you out

I can't recall anything good from amazon at 20 buck. you can try the kz ones from aliexpress. never tried myself but heard good things from it.

hope this helped.
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