Jun 15, 201760 views

Blue boxes!

A lot of the blade drops don't really entice me. The blue boxes do! Maybe I am the only one, but I am more than willing to pay a little bit more for a knife if I am gambling on an upgrade or an add on. As opposed to knives that are competitively priced with other outlets that have much better shipping and fulfillment times.
I loves the Massdrop, but y'all gotta up the game!
Also, I will be upset if I get serrated blade "upgrade" on my delica box. Serrations are not an "upgrade".

Are you sure? You don't think you'll need to cut rope with a tiny, inch long section of serrations one minute and then do detailed cuts with the tip the next? And what about looking like a Mall Ninja? Don't forget how important that is.
That's what my katana is for!