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Sennheiser HD 6XX

Okay so something I really gotta know, are massdrop gonna do these again? I've really wanted a good pair of headphones and they seemed like the perfect ones. And if they aren't does anyone know any good/better headphones in the same price range and comfort? Those velour ear pads feel amazing
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They're back and dropping more tomorrow
Go with M40X's. Go watch Z's review on them! He says they are the best closed back headphone in the price range!
I have dicided to just go with some 600's I could not stand to wait that long
I don't know? But when I look at my 6XX drop on my profile, It currently list's only 11,489 out of 11,500 were purchased. Not sure if the 11 missing are cancelations, void purchases, or etc? So I definitely would hurry and try to contact customer support to see if they have any of these hard to get units available for the ones that are aware or this. Good Luck, PP.
I have the purchased the HD600 coming from the HD570 which blows it away. I chose the HD600 because it's stated to be more flatter response than the HD650. The HD650 has slightly more bass. After having the HD600 for awhile, I desire more bass, and kinda wish I could jump on this at a great price.
If you like the open back sound, which I really love, there isn't any other headphones at this price point that's has this sound and comfort.
Buy beyerdynamic dt990 pro. As good or better then senn. Significantly cheaper price ;)
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Any elaboration? Do you own both? Have you done side-by-side comparisons? Which do you like more? Are the 1990 just as “bright” as the 990? What source and amp are you using? ...etc
I do and I have done an a/b. The highs on the dt1990 are much more controlled and bass is tighter.. the b pads add more more bass with smoother highs in contrast to the a pads keeping it neutral. I use the EL AMP and EL DAC. The 1990 blows the dt990 put of the water because of those lowered controlled highs etc etc
Also now Massdrop has changed inactive to "comming soon" :D
You will require a good amp if you want good sound quality from this device, which will set you back $200+, and a modmic which is $70. Consider these price additions.
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If its not loud enough you listen significantly louder than I do and I would caution you as you are likely damaging your hearing. Also the break in period is a thing on the Senns... my 650's are 9 years old Edited to say: turn off DVC in power amp... its trash when employed on the V20
I know what the problem is, I was on a flight and my ears were blocked, now when I sit in my room , whole new story, can't wait fo4 it to break in
Question, I am a newbie here. When a price star at one point and you buy, when the price drops do you get the lower price or are you locked in at the high price. I am always seeking two different prices in many drops. thanks.
Some scenarios: 1) Hit join drop before it hits lower price, enough join to make it successful but NOT the lowest price = you get charged the higher of the two prices 2) Hit join drop before it hits the lower price, enough people join to reach the lowest price = you pay the lowest price 3) You hit "commit at XX.XX", enough join to hit the higher of the the two prices but not the lowest = you pay nothing and get nothing but the others who paid more still get the item 4) You hit "commit at XX.XX", enough join to hit the lowest price = you get the item at the lowest price.
Thanks, that explains it perfectly.