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Minimalistic watch

I've been using a G-shock for three years, and I want to lok for something classier. I'm looking for a water-resistant watch under $150, with a minimalistic design. Can someone give me pointers?

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Check out Triwa here: https://us.shadestation.com/designer-watches/triwa
I have a Falken and I love it. Very nice designs. Plus, all of the leather straps are made from very high quality swedish leather that patinas very nicely
Welcome to watches! What do you mean by "minimalistic"? You mean like a Bauhaus style (Nomos or Junghans),
Or something just not as busy as a G-Shock? You want a true dress model, or something sportier?
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Timex makes a pretty clean and affordable watch in the bauhaus style in the Fairfield:
Most other Bauhaus styles that are any good though will cost more than $150. Seiko and Orient also make several watches that will cover every style, and most can be had for under $150. Keep your eyes on drops here, as a lot of cool, and varied styles come up. Also check out these sites http://www.watchuseek.com/ http://www.ablogtowatch.com/
Good places to start expanding knowledge. The choices and variety are endless though.
Thanks a lot. The fairfield looks like the one for me.
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