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New To Watches

Hey I'm 14 years old and looking to start a watch collection, but the problem is as a 14 yr old I don't get a lot of money to spend on watches.  I would like to know good brands (does not need to be cheap just want to learn) I want to have more knowledge on watches and learn all about watches, any help would be appreciated


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Hey Charles I'm 14 as well and just started collecting watches about 1 year go and if you ask the best way to go is with Seiko a Seiko 5 or a sarb033 these are really high quality watch that should be worth twice the money if you tell me your budget I might be able to help you
A great place to start is the Watchuseek forums where there is an endless amount of information and discussions about watches of all types. You might want to start in the "affordable watch" forum.
I see a lot of you speaking highly of the Seiko 5 movements I have one and it notoriously looses time. I loose a few minutes a day on average but some days I've lost upwards of 2 minutes an hour. Has anyone else had this issue? I have had other automatics and they will loose a fee seconds a day on occasion but the Seiko 5 seems to loose a lot which is a shame because I enjoy wearing it.
Sorry to hear about your Seiko 5. I have had a few Seiko 5 over the years, and have given just as many, and have not had any issues, especially to the degree you are friend. If your covered under warranty, I'd reach out to Seiko or a good watchmaker, as it's a piece you enjoy.

Buy a Seiko 5. They are really well made and they come with a glass back so you can see the automatic winding movement. I have a dozen Seiko automatics. They're great. You can get a Seiko 5 from a seller on eBay called Premierworld. He's reliable.
first thing first ... start reading.
If you have a smartphone, put a good feed reader like feedly and search for "watches" and subscribe to some watch blogs and read their daily articles (I read A Blog to watch, wrist watch reviews, fratello watches, hodinkee, worn and wound and quil & pad daily). You will get a good understanding of some of the reputable names and brands and indepth reviews of some of the new and vitage watches.
visit watchuseek forums and see what people are talking about and why. Lots of brand centric forums and lots of good people with great knowledge.
Like anything, its a process to learn about horology. But you gotta start from somewhere so get right into it.
Good luck!
I agree, A Blog to Watch is a good site, but I personally don't really like Ariel Adams, he's a bit "up his own arse" if you know what I mean. Talking to all these fancy-pants watch executives has given him a big head.

I would recommend some of the watch forums for more down to earth opinions.
Watchreport generally does a good job reviewing microbrands and more affordable watches, which a lot of the more popular luxury blogs don't really touch.

It could be a great resource for someone looking to start a collection!
Can't go wrong with a Casio or Seiko and they are two of the most reputable and most affordable brands out there.
I'm surprised nobody has suggested going vintage. There are sooo many cool old watches pretty much everywhere, for much cheaper than you'd expect. Also, there are a lot of now defunct brands which you can really nerd out on. Often, older pieces from well known brands can be more affordable than their new offerings. There are a lot of affordable vintage Omegas and Hamiltons out there, for example. By affordable, I mean in the $50-$300 range, so basically Seiko 5 prices. I found WatchRecon a while back, and it's where I do all my used shopping. It aggregates watch listings from various forums.

Fast comments:
- I'd suggest you think about a theme you might like to collect. Military watches, Seikos, fliegers, etc.
- Determine whether you want to focus on mechanical movements or whether you don't care about that.
- Try on some watches and make sure you know what size you prefer. I usually wear watches between 38 and 42mm.
- Seikos would be a perfectly respectable starting point. As others have mentioned, Seiko 5 might have just about the best cost to quality ratio of any watch anywhere.
- Three watches would be a nice starter collection. A dress watch, sleek with black leather band, maybe a diver with steel or rubber, and a sport watch with brown leather or steel or NATO.
- Resist knockoffs. You won't respect yourself.
- Resist flash. Flash is only fun for about ten minutes. Quality lasts.
- Resist impulse buys.
- Quality will pay you back because you'll be able to sell the watch when you want something new.
- There are quite a few mid-range watches that are affordable, when you're ready to step up from the least expensive. I think Steinhart are really nice.
- You might explore the watchuseek website for more ideas and information.

Have fun
Would agree on the 3 piece collection...
For a $500 total or under with 6 to 7 inch wrist size...

Diver, Seiko SKX013
Dress, Orient Bambino maybe too big if wrist is under 6.5 inches. Thus a used Timex Marlin (Mad Man style)
Every Day Field (Military) style, Casio BM8180 has Evo Drive (Solar) Quartz

Buy what you will wear...
Welcome Charles! Might I suggest that in Quartz watches you take a look at: Casio F-91W, Casio G-Shock, Casio Baby G- Shock (better for smaller wrists), Timex Easy Reader, and, the Timex Weekender.
A good entry level mechanical watch would be any of the Seiko 5 watches (I have the Seiko SNK805, which has a green dial and strap. SNK803 -beige, SNK807-blue, SNK809-black. They retail for about $60 U.S. I got mine on sale on an Amazon deal of the day or maybe it was an Amazon lightning deal for $47.)
Best of luck to you.
Hi Charles, if you want to jumpstart a quick collection of high quality watches, I would recommend searching some online shopping websites and mobile apps. This is what I have done, and I have been able to multiply the bang for my buck in this way.
Hi Charles, if you want a jumpstart on collecting watches that are in your range, and you want to start it fast, if recommend searching some online websites and mobile shipping apps. That is what I have done, and i have found I can multiply the bang for my buck.
Hey Charles,

First of all I'd recommend gathering some basic knowledge and some impressions to tickle your inspiration. YouTube is a great source, as always. Some great channels there do base-levek horology (the study of time pieces) and entry level watches as well. Don't get discouraged by the prevalence of luxury watches on the Internet, those can wait a few years down the line.

Really classic and/or interesting watched can be had for as little as 15 bucks, such as the classic Casios (digital). Quartz watches can also be much more affordable and stylish. Swatch and Timex immediately come to mind. For mechanical and automatic watches there are Seiko and Orient, that can deliver a good starter for under or around 100$.

Just look around, see what you like and take it from there. I'd only recommend buying new for your first watch, as the hassle with services and repairs needs a bit of knowledge and can be expensive.
Seiko5 for mechs, Swatch for quartz, Vostok for divers.
There was once I wanted to get some KGB/ navy seals, delta force issued watches for some good o collection, right now I only have a Nixon, aries gold, Casio. I say just start with a line of simple good lasting watches and next time save enough to buy some good ones. I'm saving for jaeger le coultre, omega sea master, in the future. Right now they are custom watch around that can be fun to keep.
My first watch was a swatch irony chrono. Not the stainless steel one though. Aluminum. In light blue. My mother got me that watch for Christmas in 2011, and now, with 18, I still use it
Stainless offered some great advice. I'm not sure what sort of price range you are working in, but when I was around your age I remember getting a Timex Weekender, which is a pretty classic design. They are affordable, and you can very easily switch out bands on them.

Depending on where you are you can often find them on sale at local retailers (man I sound old saying that). The great thing today is that with Amazon, ebay, Massdrop, etc you can find great deals at your fingertips.

Some other brands I've worn/enjoyed as my collection grew to add the the above list - Nixon & Invicta. I still have my Nixon Time Teller with a brown leather strap and wear it regularly.

Most importantly have fun, and never leave home without a watch on your wrist! What good is a collection if you don't wear them?!?
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It actually is a sentry, which I didn't realize until I sold my all black Timeteller.

I actually just wore this one yesterday.
I always liked sentry more, but that's just personal taste 😊