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Don't Scam us Massdrop!

Dear Massdrop,
As of now it has been twelve days since the Ducky Pocket drop which dropped in April should have shipped.
As you can see, the group has not received ANY word from massdrop. No shipping notifications, no update. Nothing.
I have reached out to support several times, and all I was told is that it "was flagged to the logistics team". Nothing but vague answers, no word on when it will ship, no updates to the group.
This isn't just incredibly unprofessional, it reeks of criminality. Massdrop simply went off with our money and is now ignoring us and hoping for all of us to just accept that we'll probably never get to see the numpads we paid for!
Lbassett_21, Superlazer, and 2 others

I am having exactly the same experience with the Darkvoice headphone amplifier I purchased. Very little communication by them and judging from comments here and outside of this forum Massdrop is creating for themselves reputation of unreliability. Pretty tough to build a sustainable business on the rep they are creating for themselves. Hope something changes.
Sorry it has taken this long for someone to respond. I have wrangled the kittens and will be updating the drop page shortly.
Thank you, though I feel like it shouldn't have taken this much to get the update that you guys promised us from you.
Are you joking? Massdrop should refund your ass and cancel your account. You've actively been posting on every drop whining and attempting to tarnish their reputation because you haven't heard something in 12 days on a completely unrelated drop.
You're pathetic.