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What's your favorite local knife shop?

Of course, Massdrop appreciates your support and is able to get the best products at the best prices because we can leverage the collective buying power of millions of members. As we celebrate our fifth anniversary, we thank each and every member who makes this possible - THANK YOU!
But we're also able to do that because we're not a store, so we don't carry every knife every day, and what we do have is only available for a limited time. We also recognize that sometimes it's nice to pick up a few different blades and handle them to compare, or talk to a real live person before making your purchase and be able to walk out the door with it. You might pay a few bucks more, and sometimes that's worth it.
So, when you do shop for knives at local, brick-and-mortar shops, which ones do you prefer?
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Mark's Outdoors Vestavia, Alabama.
Sheppard Hills Factory Outlet in Lebanon, Missouri (just off I-44, roughly between Tulsa and Saint Louis). Big selection...
You fifth year and I just discovered massdrop I would have never learned about it if not for a YouTube knife review.. congratulations on 5 years
USA Made Blades in Salisbury North Carolina. The name speaks for it self, everything they sell is made right here in Merica. Very friendly staff. They also sell via the interwebs.
I ordered an anodized ZT online from them. I received personalized email upon shipment and had a very friendly exchange. I would recommend them to anyone.
Knife City, Holbrook, AZ knifecityoutlet.com
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Can’t miss it; Exit 294. Great selection but they won’t match prices with online retailers. Good place to kick the tires but not the best place to buy :- (
Next time I'm buy there I'll stop in that big truck stop there good breakfast so that's my lay over spot look fwd to seeing you there a custom knife maker just east of you on i40 yellowhorse customs I all ways check when I'm in the area take care Ray look fwd to stopping in.
#1. BladeOps, West Jordan, UT Not quite inventory of my #2 below, but a more knowledgeable and customer-oriented shop you won't find anywhere: www.bladeops.com
#2. BladeHQ, Lehi, UT. These folks have a HUGE selection of knives, plus knife-related items like lanyard beads, custom axes, brass knuckles...er brass knuckle-SHAPED PAPER WEIGHTS, ﹰetc. Not to mention excellent hand-made leather products, titanium products, and high-end flashlights. www.bladehq.com
#3. PVK Vegas, Las Vegas, NV Their slogan is "the best knife shop in the world", and if you appreciate the sheer awesomeness of automatic knives that statement is hard to argue. The best selection of Protech and Microtech anywhere, period; plus lots of great high-end customs, some of which are customized in-house. I've seen one knife for <$200, most are in the $350 to $5000 range. But they have interest-free layaway. www.pvk.com
Phoenix Knife House/Portland Knife House Seisuke
I don't have a local shop here (Santa Cruz CA haha go figure, we just have outdoor world and big 5) but I visit my grandma in Redding CA. There they have a Sportsmans Warehouse and I was surprised to find they had a good selection of Benchmade and ZT at prices matching Amazon, which was refreshing to see since most of these kind of stores sell at MSRP.
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they sometimes jack up their prices, so do your research beforehand. you dont want to pay msrp
i used to go to ace of knives in cupertino, but that place closed down a few years ago. so sad. Try carmel cutlery, and woodcraft in san bruno (for craft knives, and also for sharpening stones. and of course wood)
although i would have to say my favorite is ag russell in Arkansas.
Might check out Carmel cutlery when I get a chance, thanks
In Los Angeles, we have Recon1 and Plaza Cutlery. Both are excellent. I've been to Ross cutlery several times, I'm not sure why people like it. Staff are nice, but prices are terrible and the selection is ... not bad, exactly, but is limited in weird ways that aren't an issue at the other two.
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I need to check these out, thanks!
That's really sad... Gotta make a trip down there now. Thanks for the heads up.
House of Blades in Fort Worth Texas - free sharpening with your receipt.
Great perk, thanks for posting!
Warriors & Wonders in Vancouver BC. A really wide range of brands and models from full on tactical stuff to slipjoints. Great place to visit and try stuff in hand.
I live in the Maritimes myself so no were near W&W However before I discovered Massdrop and The BladeForums (Exchange) I bought a few knives from Warriors & wonders. Compared to the other Canadian websites they had some fair prices. 👍
On recent vacation I found Terry Fitzgerald of Ozark Trading Company. He is a very knowledgeable, no BS guy who doesn’t have an air of superiority, doesn’t talk down to you, and is not pushy. He represents only a few great knife companies, based on his own experience. “Sell what you know.”
Medford, Tops, Hinderer, Microtech, Benchmade, Spyderco
I agree with Jonas that it is great to shoot the s*%$ with someone face to face about a subject you love. If you’re a knife nut like me, actually handling high quality knives brings out that irresistible yearning to acquire. I didn’t intend to buy a knife on vacation but I caved and bought one from Terry. Of course I have no regrets and I’m a very pleased customer.
17 Spring Street Eureka Springs, Arkansas ( 844) 866-9275 https://www.ozarktradingcompany.com terry.fitzgerald@ozarktradingcompany.com
Epicurean Edge here in Kirkland, Wa. Easily. Got my Asia hayabusa there just after the master bladesmith passed away. Prices are fair and customer care is peerless. One of the best professional sharpeners alive, too
Blade HQ live in utah so we got the best!
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+1 just to be your 1000th, and also BECAUSE YELLING IS WHAT WE DO HERE ON THE INTERWEBZ!
Dont yell at me @JonasHeineman you aren't my dad!
Thanks for the thousandth click brudda!
BladeHQ, I visit the Orem, Utah store often. https://www.bladehq.com/
Black Bear Trading Co Address: 218 W Colorado Ave, Telluride, CO 81435 Phone: (970) 728-6556
They are SUPER knowledgeable. Their knife selection was amazing. Owner gave me an awesome discount.
That's a win-win-win shopping experience right there! Thanks for posting.
Here in AZ, we have quite a few knife makers: Medford Knife & Tool http://www.medfordknife.com/ DSK Tactical http://www.dsktactical.com/ Ravencdest Tactical https://ravencresttactical.com/ Todd Allan Knives http://www.toddallanknives.com/ Dawson Knives https://www.dawsonknives.com/ ...and so on and so forth...
Monkey Edge in Mesa, AZ has the best selection of high end knives that I have found locally. Awesome shop, great sales team 🤙🤙🤙🗡⚔️🔪 http://www.monkeyedge.com/
AZ has a lot of makers, not to mention AZ Custom Knives which promotes a lot of them very well.
What do you think of the MonkeyEdge frag pattern as a recurring theme on their sprint runs?
Ravencrest tactical. They make out the front automatics in America and have a lifetime warranty. Adding all the options for available for a knife runs around $300. Would like to see one here not just for me but so other people who never heard of ravencrest.
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butterfly knives, too! although, <2" is kind of awkward on a butterfly ... Also, we can own switchblades of any length, provided we did not buy them here, do not try to sell them here, and do not carry them on our person, or in the driver/passenger areas of an automobile. Not that that helps massdrop at all.
Pro-Tech is based in Cerritos, Southern California. They have the Runt, Sprint, Calmigo, and Half Breed. All of which are California legal to own, carry, and use. They also make uber snazzy versions of each of those. Basic versions a very nice and quality made, yet affordable.
If you happen to live in Canada, give SRKnives a go. They are great and knowledgeable guys and usually have pretty good prices. They also have an ebay shop, Caledon2.
The best knife-retailer I've had the pleasure of dealing with is DLT Trading in Wisconsin: http://www.dlttrading.com/
Absolutely superb service, lightning-fast shipping and massive selection.
I love DLT. They're the place to go if you want a bark river. The prices aren't the lowest on the web, but you pay for their excellent customer service.
http://www.knifesharpeningseattle.com/ Seattle Edge in Fremont, Seattle. They sell some kitchen knives, but make your shit SHARP. Albert is the man.
Ross Cutlery. Downtown LA
I came here to say this.
I wish there was a shop in or near Marin county, but I haven't found one. I spend way too much time surfing youtube, before buying a knife I've never held...
Believe it or not, there's a good shop at Pier 39, probably the closest one to you.
Plaza Cutlery in Costa Mesa, CA. Dan Delavan is the owner/operator and is extremely helpful with all things sharp!
Country Knives in Intercourse Pennsylvania
Omaha Knife here in Omaha, NE. Their Gransfors Bruks selection is unreal. omahaknife.com
Rapid River have just amazing hunting knifes, a Michigan favorite! I have a first production run deer knife that I love. Most of these guys came from Marble Knifes which if you can find a original old Marble they run for almost $10,000 lol. I'm looking forward to passing on mine just as my grandfather did. http://rapidriverknifeworks.us/