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Small Minimalist Watches

I have very small wrists so almost all watches are very uncomfortable for me, does anyone know any minimalistc watches that have a small face/body. I also don't have a lot of money to spend on a watch (Preferably >$150).

If you could link them for me that would be much appretiated.


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Tissot makes the Everytime in sizes from 36mm to 40mm. http://us.tissotshop.com/tissot-everytime-quartz-7.html Timex has the Fairfield http://www.timex.com/the-fairfield/TW2P98200.html?dwvar_TW2P98200_color=Chrome-Blue-White&cgid=fairfield-collection#start=1 Seiko also has several pieces that are smaller, including the well regarded SNK (it's a field style though). These show up here on MD with some frequency, and are just a solid watch. Swatch also still makes watches in 34mm and 36mm, though they throw minimal out the window usually. You can also consider older vintage pieces, but anything good will likely exceed the $150 price.
Also consider the shape and size of the watch lugs. I have watches that are bigger size wise, but wear much smaller due to the lugs. A thought....
Thanks a lot, I will have a look at them.
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